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Best Budget Casket Fort Worth TX Money Can Buy

Budget casket options for the 5th largest Texas city

What The FTC's Funeral Rule Means for You

Saving you money and headaches

Seagrass Coffin Review: The Benefits of a Natural Woven Coffin

Thinking about buying a seagrass coffin for a funeral? Make sure you read this first!

The Truth About Purchasing Wood Caskets for a Funeral

Wood Caskets Review | Ultimate Guide To Buying a Casket Wood caskets are becoming a stable in the funeral industry for burials.  Over 60% of people are buying them to save money on funeral costs. Gone are the days where people want to pay anywhere between $2,000-$10,000 for a massive...

4 Tips To Choosing Biodegradable Caskets Coffins & Urns 

4 Tips To Choosing Biodegradable Caskets Coffins & Urns  Biodegradable caskets coffins and urns are no longer just a trend. There are practical reasons why biodegradable materials are becoming favored amongst those people planning a green burial or as a way to dispose of cremation ashes. These are the top...

Biodegradable Seagrass Funeral Caskets Review & Video of How It's Made

Seagrass Funeral Caskets Review Seagrass funeral caskets are popular alternatives to willow casket. People interested in this casket are typically looking for an affordable casket that looks great, is sturdy, and is biodegradable. In this post, we break down the: features and benefits of using a Seagrass funeral casket for...

Bury Green Not Your Wallet. Biodegradable Funeral Caskets and Burial Shrouds

Helpful tips for choosing biodegradable caskets.

The Benefits of a Woven Coffin

The Woven Coffin Is The Best Way To Save Money If You Are Burying Someone

The Average Wicker Casket Cost | Saving Money On Funerals

Wicker casket costs and benefits.

Wicker Coffins for Sale | Affordable & Biodegradable Caskets

Affordable Wicker Coffins for Sale The wicker technique is used for making products woven from cane-like materials.  Typically these materials include: willow and bamboo.  When it comes to coffins, families have been transitioning to wicker ones because of a rise in environmental factors.  In this post, we break down our...

Where Can I Buy a Burial Shroud For a Natural Burial?


Understanding Cremation Caskets

Finding the best quality and affordable casket