The Truth About Purchasing Wood Caskets for a Funeral

Wood Caskets Review | Ultimate Guide To Buying a Casket

Wood caskets are becoming a stable in the funeral industry for burials.  Over 60% of people are buying them to save money on funeral costs.

Gone are the days where people want to pay anywhere between $2,000-$10,000 for a massive metal casket that at the end of the day is one being looked at for at most an hour during the funeral service and then being buried into the ground.

If you are reading this post, you probably know about the high costs for metal caskets, and you want to learn more and purchase an affordable wooden casket.

In this post we cover everything this you need to know about buying a wood casket including:

  1. the difference between a coffin and a casket
  2. Which is better, wooden caskets vs. metal caskets
  3. Video of a wood casket being made
  4. Where you can buy a wood casket (and receive quick free shipping) without paying an arm and a leg

The Difference Between Coffin and Casket

The words coffin and casket are used interchangeably.  However, there are some slight differences between them.
Coffins have six sides
Caskets have four sides
Caskets are typically used in the United States, while other parts of the world use coffins.
Other than how each is constructed there are no other main differences.

Wooden Caskets vs. Metal Caskets

Even if you have not seen a metal casket in person, you have seen them in movies or TV shows.  If not, here is an image of it below.

wood caskets

These traditional metal caskets are used to bury people in cemeteries.  However, is it the best option?

Over the years, families have been turning away from using these huge, heavy metal caskets to house their loved one's body that is placed underground.  The two most common reasons are:

  1. Metal caskets are not eco-friendly
  2. The price is extremely high

It takes a lot of energy to make these caskets.  They are made in factories using harmful materials that hurt our environment when they are producing the casket.  Also, we do not need to mention that placing metal and steel into the ground is not a good idea. These materials do not biodegrade and cause cemeteries to use harmful chemicals to make their lawns look "green."

If you do not care about the environment, then you may care about the price.  As we mentioned earlier, the average price for metal caskets is $2,000-$10,000.  That is owed in addition to the already high funeral costs.

Why are metal caskets so high?  Well not to point fingers but the funeral provider you work with typically raise the prices high so that they can make high margins on their sales.

Wooden Caskets Benefits

  • Price
  • Eco-friendly

Wood caskets are cheaper than metal caskets.

For instance, the wood caskets that we sell range between $1,000-$2,000.  For that price you get a reliable and sturdy casket, which is more than capable to hold people up to 6'5" and that weigh 350lbs.

wood caskets

Many people think that only people who want a biodegradable casket are those who purchase a wood one.  That is not entirely true.

Sure, being biodegradable is a feature of wood caskets, but it also goes into the construction of the casket.  They are made using sustainable materials like:

  • Bamboo
  • Seagrass
  • Willow
Each one is handmade and tailored to the person that will be placed inside.

Video of a Wood Caskets Being Made


Wood Caskets for Sale | Buying a Wood Casket Online

According to the FTC's funeral rule, every funeral home MUST accept outside products that you want to use in a funeral service.  The includes caskets.
At Funeral Direct, we offer a collection of biodegradable wood caskets that are not only affordable but also look great and are designed with care.
Which one of these caskets do you like below?

Wood Caskets for Adults

Six-Point Willow Coffin

Embracing the elegance of a traditional casket, our six-point willow coffin has a black trim accent and a natural unbleached cotton interior.  It comes with a matching pillow and a privacy shield.

Willow Casket

The willow casket is handmade in a rural cottage environment using the healthy willow plant.  Willow plants grow fast and do not need to be cut down to be harvested.  Comes with an unbleached cotton interior, a pillow, and a privacy shield.

Seagrass Casket

Seagrass funeral caskets are made mostly from willow, but also has a seagrass rope woven into the willow.  The seagrass used in this casket is cultivated in rice paddy fields that flood seasonally to support the plant.  This casket comes with a cotton interior, pillow, and privacy shield.

Bamboo Casket

Our bamboo casket is an affordable alternative to the willow and seagrass funeral caskets.  Also comes with a cotton interior, a pillow, and a privacy shield.

Wood Caskets for Children

The caskets below are made for children and small pets.

Infant Six-Point Bamboo Coffin

Available in both 24" and 36" the same bamboo used in our adult coffin is used here in this one for children.

Willow Infant Casket

The same willow used in our adult casket is used here in our willow infant casket.

Infant Paper Coffin

Our infant paper coffin is made from mulberry tree bark. It is also infused with flowers while it is drying.

View More Wood Caskets & Sympathy Products

Our goal at Funeral Direct is to make your loved one memory matter.
We offer high-quality wood caskets and other memorial sympathy products.
Make sure you view our entire casket collection to see more products.  Also, if you have any questions, you can quickly reach us using the messenger on the bottom right of the screen.

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