Bamboo Burial Shroud


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Burial Shroud

Bamboo Shroud With Handles
These biodegradable burial shrouds are suitable for a burial or cremation. They can be used as an eco-friendly and unique alternative to clothing for use with a Willow Casket or Willow Carrier.

To make moving a shrouded body as simple as possible, we recommend you use our Willow Carrier.   However because the burial shroud has handles, it can be used on its own; 

- This shroud features a sewn-in pouch.  A Rigid board can be inserted to provide support for the body if a casket or willow carrier is not being used.

Bamboo Shroud Without Handles
Decorative ribbons take the place of the handles with this option.  This shroud must be used with Willow Carrier or Willow Casket. 


Bamboo Shrouds tested to 300lbs.

Shroud Sizes:
Approx. 112”L x 73”W
Approx. 118”L x 78”W

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