Biodegradable Seagrass Funeral Caskets Review & Video of How It's Made

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Seagrass Funeral Caskets Review

Seagrass funeral caskets are popular alternatives to willow casket.

People interested in this casket are typically looking for an affordable casket that looks great, is sturdy, and is biodegradable.

In this post, we break down the:

  1. features and benefits of using a Seagrass funeral casket for a green burial service or as a cremation container.
  2. Video of how the seagrass casket is made
  3. Where to buy the seagrass funeral casket
But first, here are some reasons why people choose a biodegradable funeral casket over a traditional one.

3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Biodegradable Casket

Price.  As you will see when search online and from the general price list from the funeral provider you are working with, caskets are expensive.  The average cost for a funeral casket is $1,500 to $10,000.  Biodegradable funeral caskets are more affordable ranging from $1,000-$2,000

Design. There are many reasons why traditional funeral caskets are so expensive.  One if because of the "customization" they attempt to sell you on.  With a biodegradable casket, you can personalize and customize the casket to your heart's desire without paying a premium.

Environment. Traditional caskets are horrible for the environment.  They are made from materials that do not naturally degrade causing severe harm to the planet.  Biodegradable caskets will naturally biodegrade over time when placed into the Earth.

seagrass funeral caskets

Features of Seagrass Funeral Caskets

The seagrass funeral casket is handmade using willow and has a seagrass rope woven throughout it.

The top is rounded ever so slightly and the interior has an unbleached cotton. Each seagrass funeral casket comes with a pillow and a privacy shield for viewing services.

One of the best features about this casket is that it fits many different sizes of people.  You have two size options (5' 9" and 6' 5") and it can hold someone who weighs up to 350lbs (158.757 kg).

Making The Seagrass Funeral Casket

The seagrass casket, like the rest of our biodegradable caskets, is handmade.  View the video below to see how it is made.

Buying the Seagrass Funeral Casket

You can purchase the seagrass funeral casket at many online retailers and even at some funeral homes. 

The average price for the seagrass casket is $1,495.

We offer free shipping on all purchases to the funeral home of your choice.

At Funeral Direct, our goal is to make your loved one's memory matter.

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