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Wicker Casket Cost & The Benefits of Biodegradable Woven Caskets

Wicker is the technique for making a product that is woven from any one of a variety of cane-like materials.  When it comes to caskets, families have been transitioning to them because of a rise in environmental factors.  In this post, we break down the wicker casket cost and how you can order it. 

However, first, we discuss the benefits of a wicker casket.

Wicker Caskets vs. Traditional Caskets

Caskets are used during funerals to showcase the body and also to bury them.

If you have been recently searching online for casket prices, or are new to the search, you will find that their style and prices vary widely.  This is because caskets, while they are being placed inside the Earth, are sold primarily for their visual appearance.

Traditional caskets can be made of a combination of materials including:

  • metal
  • wood
  • fiberboard
  • fiberglass
  • alternatively, plastic

Most of these materials are incredibly harmful to the environment, and also they are expensive.

Average casket costs vary based on the material you choose.  But expect to pay between $1,500- $10,000 for a traditional casket.


wicker casket cost


Why Choose a Wicker Casket?

Wicker caskets have grown in popularity in recent years and is worth considering if you are planning a burial service.

Wicker caskets are:

  1. customizable
  2. biodegradable
  3. cheaper than traditional caskets

We dive more into these benefits in the next section.

3 Benefits of a Wicker Casket

As we mentioned earlier, wicker caskets have many advantages over traditional coffins.  Here's why in more detail.

#1 Wicker Caskets Are Customizable

Traditional caskets are made from different metals and sometimes wood.  Unless you purchase a coffin that is already personalized, customizing one to represent the interests of your loved one is difficult.

Wicker caskets are easily customizable because of their design.  You can string flowers and other decorations into the casket.

#2 Wicker Caskets Are Biodegradable

Wicker caskets are eco-friendly and are suitable for burial and also as a cremation container.

By eco-friendly we mean that they do not harm the environment when you bury them and the production that goes into making them do not harm the environment.

Because of their design, when placed in the earth after a period these caskets begin to biodegrade. 

Also if you decide to use this as a cremation container, it will comfortably fit in the cremation chamber.

Popular wicker casket materials:

#3 Wicker Casket Cost

Wicker caskets usually are cheaper than traditional caskets.  Average wicker casket cost is $900-$1,500.


wicker casket cost


Shopping Wicker Caskets for Funerals

In this post we discussed 

  1. average casket costs
  2. wicker casket cost
  3. benefits of using a wicker casket for burials and cremation

If you are currently planning a funeral, you were given a casket price list from the funeral provider you are working with. 

It is important to note that you do not have to purchase a casket offered at that funeral home.  The FTC's funeral rule, legally states that you can you outside products for the funeral and that the funeral home must lawfully accept them. 

This includes caskets!

Shop around for options; there are some places where you can order a casket online and have it shipped to the funeral home that you are working with.  

Make sure to check popular retailers like Amazon for traditional caskets. 

However, if you are in the market for a biodegradable wicket casket, make sure you check out our burial and cremation container collection.

We provide free shipping to any funeral provider. Orders will be processed the same day if placed before 2 pm EST or the next business day if ordered after 2 pm EST.

You can take a look at the entire wicker casket collection here, or simply continue to scroll to see our options.


I would love to have a book with pictures of all of your caskets you sell along with prices.

Norma Brady September 02, 2020

Wonderful ecological alternative to the traditional way we have done burials on the past. This is what I want for my casket as I truly want to return – ashes to ashes- dust to dust but I do not want to be cremated. With the wicker casket – my body can naturally go through going back to the earth. I’ve always thought it was weird that we would try to preserve the body with embalming and then put the body in a casket, then in a waterproof vault to try and preserve something that is suppose to decompose. I like this way of burial.<><

Theresa Surley February 25, 2020

Wish I had known of this option. I feel rushed due to the upcoming holiday. Day is nearing and I just found out about green burials. Please advertise on cable.

J.Burns June 26, 2019

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