Seagrass Coffin Review: The Benefits of a Natural Woven Coffin


Seagrass Coffin Review: The Benefits of a Natural Woven Coffin

The seagrass coffin is one of many popular eco coffins options that families are using for burial and cremation services.

Biodegradable coffins where looked at as a fad a couple of years ago, but now people realize that purchasing them saves them thousands of dollar on funeral expenses.

The average price for purchasing a traditional casket from a funeral home is $2,000 - $10,000. 

In the past families would find a way to pay this price because they did not know about other options and also suffered from emotional overspending.

These days families are using their savvy shopping habits to find eco-friendly caskets that offer the same quality as traditional ones, but cost a fraction of the price

In this post, I share my review of eco-friendly coffins, but more specifically the Seagrass coffin

3 Essential Takeaways I would like you to gain from this post:

  1. Misconceptions of natural woven coffins
  2. average price from the seagrass coffin
  3. Why the FTC funeral rule is so important
  4. Benefits of purchasing the seagrass coffin from us.

At the end of the post, you will find everything you need to know before you purchase the Seagrass coffin.


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1. Misconceptions of Natual Woven Coffins

There is a misconception that natural woven caskets are weak and will break when you put a body in them.  

This is completely false.

Although woven caskets are constructed from natural, sustainable materials, they are surprisingly durable and sturdy.

These caskets comfortably fit individuals who are 6'5" tall and weigh up to 350lbs.

2. Average Price for the Seagrass Coffin

I mentioned earlier in this post that funeral homes will charge you $2,000-$10,000 for a traditional casket.  

These prices are marked up due to the cost, time, and energy needed to manufacture a metal casket.

Natural coffins, like the seagrass coffin, are cheaper to make which make it less expensive for you to purchase. 

The average biodegradable casket cost is $1,000-$2,000.

You can purchase our seagrass funeral caskets for $1,299.99.

3. What is the Funeral Rule 

The funeral rule was put in place by the FTC to protect consumers when purchasing funeral services.

There was a time when the funeral industry was not regulated.  Funeral homes would take advantage of families suffering a loss and prey on them in their time of need.

The funeral rule protects you from shady business practices when dealing with a funeral home. 

This rule allows you to receive an itemized list of all of the products and services offered by the funeral home.   

But, more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to save money by allowing you to use funeral products purchases elsewhere (like here on Funeral Direct).

By law the funeral home must accept any outside products that you want to use for the funeral service, this includes caskets.  You can purchase a casket online and have it shipped to the funeral home you are working with, and they must accommodate you so that you can use it.

4. Buying a Coffin Online

You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on funeral expenses if you purchase your casket online.

At Funeral Direct we offer free shipping for each casket shipped, and we also provide a price match guarantee if you find our coffins cheaper anywhere else!

The caskets are shipped directly to the funeral home you choose. Just order the coffin from us, and we do the rest.
seagrass coffin

Seagrass Coffin Review

Our seagrass funeral caskets are made by hand using mostly willow.  We hand weave a seagrass rope into the willow as a unique design feature.  

The seagrass coffin is sturdy and features a slightly rounded top which adds to its simple yet elegant design.  

Every casket is lined with a natural unbleached cotton interior and comes with a pillow and a privacy shield.

The seagrass used in this casket is cultivated in rice paddy fields that flood each season to support these plants grow.  The willow is the same as on our Willow caskets

When the seagrass coffin is buried into the earth (without a vault or grave liner), this casket will naturally break down over time.  You can also use this casket as a cremation container.


Making Your Loved One's Memory Matter -

Did I answer any concerns or questions you had about the seagrass coffin?

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  • J H

    I have the same question as Cindy Brassfield. I’d like to purchase this myself to be ready for use. How long will it last before it has to be used? If it needs to wait to be ordered until I pass, how quickly will it be shipped? Would I just provide information to the funeral home ahead of time so they know to order it from yo? Can I pre-pay now and then at the appointed time (be it soon or many many years from now) the funeral home just calls you and has it delivered? What wold happen if you went out of business prior to my need for it if I can’t have it shipped and stored at my home til the time it is needed.

  • Cindy Brassfield

    I want to purchase a sea grass casket for myself to be stored at my home. I’ve made all other funeral arrangements & advised the funeral home I would be purchasing my casket & headstone elsewhere. Do you sell to the customer or are you just a wholesaler? If so who would I go thru to purchase this myself?

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