Bury Green Not Your Wallet. Biodegradable Funeral Caskets and Burial Shrouds

Biodegradable Funeral Caskets and Burial Shrouds

Although more families are choosing cremation over burials due to environmental reasons, there are still those who prefer to have their loved ones buried.  However, for those who want an eco-friendly burial, you will need a special type of casket.  In this post, we discuss your options for biodegradable funeral caskets and also:

  1. break down the price of biodegradable caskets
  2. explain what materials these caskets are made from
  3. show you a video of how some of these caskets are made.
  4. show options for adult and children caskets.

What Materials Are Biodegradable Funeral Caskets Made Of?

Biodegradable coffins are essential for a green funeral.
Not only do these caskets biodegrade over time once buried, they are also made in a way that does not harm the environment.
These caskets are made from sustainable materials such as:
  • Bamboo
  • Seagrass
  • Willow

Biodegradable Coffins Cost

Biodegradable coffins are cheaper than traditional ones.  A tradition coffin costs between $1,500-$10,000.  Where you can find a biodegradable coffin for a $1,300-$2,000.
Below are our options for biodegradable funeral caskets.

Biodegradable Funeral Caskets for Sale

At this point, you learned about the average costs for biodegradable funeral caskets and the materials used to make them. Look below to see all our options for biodegradable funeral caskets.  Each one will be shipped for free to the funeral home of your choice within 3-5 business days.

Biodegradable Funeral Caskets for Adults

Here are our popular biodegradable funeral casket options.


Six-Point Willow Coffin

Embracing the elegance and simplicity of a traditional casket, our six-point willow coffin has a black trim accent along with a natural unbleached cotton interior.  It comes with a matching pillow and a privacy shield.


Willow Casket

The willow casket is made in a rural cottage environment using the willow plant.  Willow plants grow extremely fast and do not need to be cut down to be harvested.  It is durable and has an attractive design.  Comes with an unbleached cotton interior, a matching pillow, and a privacy shield.


Seagrass Casket

Seagrass funeral caskets are made mostly from willow, but also have an attractive seagrass rope which is woven into the willow.  The seagrass used in this casket is cultivated in rice paddy fields that flood seasonally to support the plant.  This casket comes with a cotton interior, pillow, and privacy shield.


Bamboo Casket

Our bamboo casket is an alternative to the willow and seagrass funeral caskets.  Also comes with a cotton interior, a matching pillow, and a privacy shield.

Biodegradable Funeral Caskets for Children

The caskets below are made for children and small pets.

Infant Six-Point Bamboo Coffin

Available in both 24" and 36" the same bamboo used in our adult coffin is used here in this one for children.

Willow Infant Casket

The same willow used in our adult casket is used here in our willow infant casket.

Infant Paper Coffin

Our infant paper coffin is made from mulberry tree bark. It is also infused with flowers while it is drying.

Biodegradable Funeral Carriers and Burials Shrouds

For some, they prefer a more simple method of burying a body.  For those who are interested in home funerals here are some additional options.

Willow Carrier

The willow carrier is used during home funerals to hold and transport the body.  Most people with this in conjunction with the bamboo burial shroud below.

Bamboo Burial Shroud

The burial shroud is the simplest way to place someone into the ground with a cover.  Burials shrouds are popular in some religious and are becoming normal in funeral services worldwide.  If you are choosing the shroud the body yourself, make sure to read our helpful guide.

How Biodegradable Funeral Caskets are Made *Video*

Shopping for the Biodegradable Caskets

Which one of the caskets caught your interest?  Each one of the caskets above will ship for free to the funeral home of your choice. Most of our customers choose to purchase the six-point willow coffin when buying for an adult.  We have also noticed that the six-point bamboo option is purchased by many families for children. If you have any questions message us using the chat box on the bottom right of the screen.

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