4 Tips To Choosing Biodegradable Caskets Coffins & Urns 

4 Tips To Choosing Biodegradable Caskets Coffins & Urns 

Biodegradable caskets coffins and urns are no longer just a trend.

There are practical reasons why biodegradable materials are becoming favored amongst those people planning a green burial or as a way to dispose of cremation ashes.

These are the top 4 reasons:

  • Appearance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Personalization
  • Price

Emotional overspending is a real thing, thousands of families fall into the trap every day. 

Because of the stress of dealing with loss, you can easily spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for products you do not need or can find cheaper by searching around. 

Due to the cost of funeral services being at an all-time high, many families are looking for options to save some money on funeral expenses.

These people do not want to pay $2,500-$10,000 for a burial casket.

Families are now looking for caskets that offer memorable burial service that is within their budget.

In this post, I share with you why biodegradable caskets coffins and urns are not the people choice for funeral products.

Four Important Takeaways from This Blog Post:

  1. what are the different types of biodegradable coffins
  2. how much is the average biodegradable coffins cost
  3. FTC funeral rule
  4. why are our customers choosing us to purchase biodegradable unique caskets and urns

1. Different Types Biodegradable Coffins

Biodegradable caskets come in different materials.

  • seagrass
  • banana leaf
  • willow
  • bamboo

Each of the materials above will biodegrade slowly once buried. 

The production process of these caskets is eco-friendly.  They are handmade and use sustainable materials that cause no harm to the environment when harvested.

2. Average Biodegradable Casket Cost is Less Than a Traditional Casket

Traditional funeral caskets come at a premium.  Its costs manufacturers a lot of money, time, and energy to produce them. 
This is why funeral home providers charge you $2,000-$10,000 just for the casket alone.
Biodegradable caskets coffins are cheaper to produce, which result in you paying less for them.
The average cost for a biodegradable casket is $1,000- $2,000.
Our biodegradable coffin collection starts at $999 and ship for free to the funeral home of your choice.

3. FTC Funeral Rule Protects You From Being Ripped Off  

All funeral homes must abide by the funeral rule.

The funeral rule was created by the FTC to stop funeral homes from shady business practices like bait and switching their unsuspecting customers.

By law, every funeral home must show you their price list should you ask to see it.  On the price list, you will see each item or service itemized.

This includes their general price list for service and also their casket price list.

The key takeaway is that the funeral rule helps you to save money.  The law allows you the freedom to purchase funeral products from other vendors and use them for the funeral service.

This includes caskets. 

You are not required to choose the casket options provided by the funeral home.  Legally a funeral home must make accommodations to accept outside caskets if you find them cheaper elsewhere.

4. Buying Biodegradable Caskets Coffins & Urns Online: Benefits of Shopping at Funeral Direct

At Funeral Direct our goal is to make your loved one memory matter.

We strive to offer only meaningful and unique memorial products not offered at funeral homes.

We also understand the financial stress that losing a loved one has on you.  This is why we make sure our products are affordable and price items to better meet your budget.

Our Price Match Guarantee and Free Shipping Policy for Caskets

When it comes to our collection of biodegradable casket coffins, we have high-quality options and ship for free to the funeral home of your choice.

We also offer a price match guarantee.  If you find any of our caskets cheaper elsewhere we match the price for you.

Check out our popular casket options:


Six-Point Willow Coffin

Black trim is hand placed along the side of this casket.

Willow Casket

Fast-growing willow plants are used in the creation of this casket.

Seagrass Casket

Featuring the best of both worlds, this casket is made from willow but has seagrass woven in it.

Bamboo Casket

Our most affordable casket option, made from sturdy bamboo.


We Strive To Make Your Loved One's Memory Matter - FuneralDirect.shop

I hope I answered any questions you had about purchasing biodegradable caskets coffins and urns online.

If you have any more questions please reach out to us by email (sales@funeraldirect.shop) or by using our live chat messenger on the bottom right.

We will answer all emails within 8hrs and but respond within minutes if you reach out to us during live chat hours.

View all affordable caskets here.  Or if you are looking for other memorial products, check out our entire site!

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