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Raku Urns Sale: An Exclusive Offer For You From Funeral Direct

by Armani Goens |

Exclusive Raku Urns Sale at Funeral Direct

Raku cremation urns are a popular choice for holding both pet and human cremation ashes.  Why are they so popular? Well, it is all in the design.  Because of how raku urns are made, they have beautiful flashes of color.  Blues, silvers, reds, and whites.  In this post, we highlight our favorite raku urns for ashes that we found on Amazon and our site! Make sure to read to the very end, where we will have an exclusive coupon code for our raku urns sale!  But before we get to that a brief explainer on how raku urns are made.

How Are Raku Urns Made

Raku pottery making has its beginnings in Zen Buddism in the early 1550s.  It was used to make teaware.

Today raku firing is used to make all sorts of pottery, including cremation urns.

Each raku urn is handmade individually.  Because of this, there will be very slight variation in color. 

The urn is heated in a kiln until it reaches 2000°F.  Once it is glowing with heat, it is pulled out and placed in combustible material.  Most artisans use wood shavings.

As the urn is smoldered, flashes of color begin to show and thus you have the raku cremation urns you see below.

Our Top 20 Raku Urns

As promised, here are our top 10 raku cremation urns.  Each one of these can be found on Amazon or our site. 

Remeber do not forget to read to the very end.  Where we will give you a special gift for reading!

20. Earth Monument Raku Urn

Place this urn in a dining room or study and it will fit perfectly.

19. Raku Blue Pet Cremation Urn for Ashes

We can not forget about cremation urns for our pets.

Raku Urns Sale

18. Classic Paws Raku Pet Urn

Another option for our pets

17. Raku Sticks & Stones Cremation Urn

Stick and stones may break your bones but this urn will never hurt you.

16. Large Ceramic Urn for Ashes

Large indeed.  

15. Raku Feather Keepsake Urn

This keepsake urn is perfect to keep on a bookshelf or desk

14. Milano Raku Pet Urn with Paw Prints

We can not forget about our fur babies, another option for them.

13. Forest Fern Raku Cremation Urn

For nature lovers.

12. Ancient Spirits Raku Urn

Ancient spirits shine guiding light.

11. Dragonfly Raku Urn for Ashes

Perfect for those who love insects.

10. Dragonfly Raku Cremation Urn

Another variation for those who love insects, this dragonfly urn is perfect for you.

9. Honey Raku Ceramic Cremation Urn

Classic urn-shaped but in unique colors.

8. Spirit Bear Raku Child Urn

Made for a child's cremation ashes, this urn as a cute bear on top.

7. Earth's Memorial Raku Urn

A calming piece of raku pottery.  This urn blends in great in a foyer.

6. Red Raku Ceramic Cremation Urn for Ashes

Another classic red ceramic urn, that will fit well as an accent 


5. Persimmon Wave Carving Raku Cremation Urn

Our favorite piece from Dodero.  This raku urn features a wave on top.

4. Elegant Raku Urn

Elegant indeed.  This raku urn will stand out in your home.

3. Spirit Wolves Raku Urn

Keep your pack together.  This urn features a wolf pack running alongside each other.

2. Celestial Horses Raku Cremation Urn

Graceful and beautiful horses running along the countryside

1. Turtle Raku Cremation Urn

This is our favorite raku urn.  The detail and coloration of the turtle on top makes this a beautiful piece to show off in your home.

Raku Urn Coupon Code

Just for being a reader, we want to offer you a special discount code for our raku urns sale.

Use code: FuneralDirectRaku to get $25* off our raku urns.

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