Pet Urn with Paw Prints


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Milano Raku Pet Urn with Paw Prints

Our Milano Raku pet urn is the perfect cremation urn for your pet's ashes.  Its stunning design allows it to match your decor perfectly.  This raku pet urn is made from brass with a copper overlay and classic raku finish.  It also features paw prints around it highlighting it as pet memorial.

The based is felt-lined so you can place it on any material without worry of damage.

  • Handmade and painted 
  • Beautiful urn to display in any room in your home
  • Perfect for pet cremation ashes, or to store funeral flowers if no cremation.
  • Also available in grey and silver
  • FREE shipping!

How Raku Cremation Urns Are Made

Each raku cremation urn is handmade and fired individually.  Due to this expect to see slight variations in color.

A ceramic urn is heated in a kiln until it reaches 2000 degrees, then it is pulled out and placed into a pit of wood shavings, igniting it instantly. 

The urn smolders overnight and what is created is an urn filled with radiant flashes of color.

Why Our Customers Are Purchasing This Cremation Raku Urn

  • A beautiful handpainted resting place for their fur babies
  • classic raku color
  • FREE shipping

3 Sizes: Small (25 cubic inches), Medium (40 cubic inches), Large (70 cubic inches)



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