Ceramic Earth Monument Raku Urn


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Earth Monument Raku Urn

Are you looking for a cremation urn that resembles ceramic pottery?  Our ceramic Earth monument raku urn is a beautifully handcrafted cremation urn that looks great in your living room.

This raku urn is made in the traditional Japanese raku style.  It is individually fired to create a unique color pattern, with flashes of bright colors.  The lid is adorned with sticks and stones.  This cremation urn discreetly holds the ashes, as it looks more like a decorative piece of pottery than an urn for ashes.

  • This raku urn for ashes is painted by hand and fired in the traditional Japanese raku style.  
  • Each of our raku urns is made individually.  This creates a very slight variation in color.
  • Ceramic cremation urns are ideal for human or pet cremation ashes
  • Sticks and stones lid
  • Fits 220 cubic inches of ashes. (the full amount of an adult's cremation ashes)
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Our decorative Earth monument raku urn is suitable for the remains of your loved one or pet.  It discreetly holds up to 220 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  

What Makes Raku Urns So Special?

Raku urns for ashes are indeed some of the most unique cremation urns that one can purchase to hold their loved one's ashes.  What sets this urn apart from other conventional cremation urns is the vibrant colors on the urn. 

Raku urns have flashes of blues, reds, purples, and whites.  Their color is formed by the way these urns are made.  Each one is handpainted and then fired individually.  This causes a slight variation in color.  No two raku urns color patterns are the same. 

They are as unique as the person or pet it will hold.     

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