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Rabbit Cremation Urn

The Best Cremation Urn For Rabbit Ashes

Bunny Rabbit Urns: Urn For Rabbit Ashes No one knows the exact number of pet rabbits there are in the United States.  Using statistics from the Pet Ownership and Demographics sourcebook and American Pet Products Manufacturing Association it has been found that over 6.5 million rabbits are kept as pets.  However, this number is from 2010.   The amount of families having pet rabbits have fluctuated over the years, ranging from 3-5 million rabbits in American homes.  Most rabbit owners decide to have their pet's cremated.  The article"Your pet's body during the cremation process," explains options that you should know when planning a cremation for your rabbit.  Below are our picks for an urn for rabbit ashes.     1. Rabbit Cremation Urn This cremation urn for rabbit ashes is cute as a button.  This cremation urn holds 15 cu. in of cremation ashes and comes in multiple colors.   2. Bunny Rabbit Pet Urn Grey and White Featuring a grey and white lifelike rabbit, this urn for rabbit ashes is a peaceful resting place for your bunny 3. Small Rabbit Bunny Figurine Urn This urn for rabbit ashes has a bunny figurine sitting on top of a solid hardwood base.  You get to choose the color of the rabbit figurine.  What color was your bunny?  With free engraving and shipping, you will want to display this in either the living or dining room.   4. Rabbit Pet Cremation Urn Pendant Silver Silver This is an urn necklace to hold your rabbit's cremation ashes, but we figured we would mention it.  You can place a small amount of your rabbit's cremation ashes in here and wear it daily.  Many people purchase cremation necklaces to wear and still have urns at home.   5. Rabbit Urn Pendant Made out of stainless steel, this is a lovely necklace urn for rabbit ashes.    6. Pet Rabbit Memorial Urn Necklace This rabbit cremation necklace is made from stainless steel.  It features a rabbit shaped pendant with a crystal inlaid.       Shop Cremation Urn for Rabbit Ashes and Other Memorial Keepsakes It is common for people to purchase multiple memorial keepsakes for their pet's.  You can place a small amount of cremation ashes in an urn and also in a cremation urn necklace, ring, or bracelet.   To see more options take a look at our store!