Pet Lovers Obsession With Raku Pet Urns

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Finding The Best Quality Raku Pet Urns

If you are here, you are probably looking for the best cremation urn for your pet.  Finding the best cremation urn that represents your pet is similar to looking for one for a human.  Reason being, you want to places your pet's ashes in something that represents them.  Raku pet urns are a popular choice for those looking for a stylish cremation urn to hold their pet's ashes.  In our previous post, we detailed how raku urns are made and why they are becoming a favorited option for cremation ashes.

Pet urns are slightly different than ones for humans.  Because our animals are significantly smaller than us, these urns are made to hold a smaller amount of cremation ashes.  The amount of cremation ashes you receive from your pet varies on their size.

Below we have listed our top 4 picks for raku pet urns.  To learn more about each one, click the pictures. 

Arielle Paw Print Brass Heart Pet Urn

This raku pet urn is in the shape of a heart with paw print accents.  The firing of the raku urn gave it is beautiful rainbow raku color.

pet raku urns

Classic Paws Raku Pet Urn

In a classic cremation urn shape, this pet urn looks excellent in the living room

pet raku urns


Raku Blue Pet Cremation Urn for Ashes

Another heart-shaped cremation urn, showing your love for your pet. 

pet raku urns

Milano Raku Pet Urn with Paw Prints

This raku pet urn features brass, copper,  a raku finish, and of course paw prints.  Perfect for larger pets, as this urn holds up to 100 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  

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The Best Place For Pet Cremation Urns and Jewelry

While any urn can be used for pet ashes, we decided only to list the ones that featured pet paws on this list. 

For more raku cremation urns, make sure you take a look around our site.  Families trust Funeral Direct to find and buy the best quality cremation urns, caskets, and sympathy gifts for someone you love.

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