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Is The Raku Urn Is Becoming America's Favorite Urn? We Think So!

by Armani Goens |

How Is a Raku Urn Made?

Raku urns are our most purchased cremation urns.  People love them!  If you have not seen them on our site, they feature beautiful colors and designs that not only discreetly home cremation ashes, but also looks fantastic in any room in your home.  With all the hype about the raku urn, we decided to take a back and explain how raku cremation urns are made.

What Is Raku Pottery?

Raku is a low-firing pottery making process that takes inspiration from Japanese raku firing.  Western cultures remove the pottery from kilns while bright red heats and place them with combustible materials in containers.  When the materials ignite, the container is closed.  What results is an intense atmosphere reduction which affects the color of a glaze and clay body. 

This process is what produces raku's signature cracking.


The History of Raku

The use of raku dated back to the 1550s and was used for Zen Buddhist masters during their ceremonial teaware.  Raku ware touches on many of Zen philosophies, such as simplicity and naturalness.    

Raku pottery making is natural indeed, in fact in the process, all four elements of the earth are used.  The earth is used to create the pot, then fire and air shape it, and water cools and halts the process.

An unknown fact is that Raku translates to "happiness in the accident."

Why Raku Glazing Is So Important

  • dipping
  • spraying
  • splashing

These methods all result in different patterns and surprises at the end of the firing.  

Raku pottery is known for its vibrant color, hence why the raku urn might be the most beautiful cremation urn that you can buy!

How is a Raku Urn Made at Funeral Direct

Raku urns, like the favorited turtle and spirit wolves raku cremation urns, are all handmade and fired individually.  

Because they are custom made, you should expect to see very slight variations in color and appearance.  Each urn is as unique as your loved one.

Raku Urn Steps

  1. Ceramic urns are heated in a kiln urn 2000°F.
  2. Once removed, it is placed in wood shaving, which ignites instantly.
  3. The cremation urn is smoldered overnight, creating its bright and radiant color pattern.  

Example of Raku Urns for Sale

We spoke a lot about raku urns, here are some of the most popular ones we offer at Funeral Direct.

Tips for Shopping For a Raku Urn for Human or Pet Ashes

Buying a cremation urn is a big choice.  You are purchasing a home for your loved one.  When looking to buy, we suggest you keep these two things in mind.

  1. What was your loved one's passions or interest?
  2. What color pattern stands out the most to you?

Above we listed some of our customer's favorite choices of raku urns.  However, we have dozens more that you should check out. 

Remember the best cremation for your loved one's ashes is the one that reminds you of them. 

Click here to explore more of our beautiful Raku urns!

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