Contemporary Cremation Urns That You Will Want To Show Off In Your Living Room


Contemporary Cremation Urns for Any Room In Your Home

Contemporary cremation urns are sought by many families that choose to keep their loved one's cremains. Choosing these modern cremation urns gives you the benefit of keeping a memorial of the person or pet you love, but having a piece of pottery that seamlessly blends into your home decor. There are tons of options available, especially since everyone has their own opinion on what looks good to them. Below are some popular contemporary cremation urns that families are purchasing from our site.

Raku Pottery Contemporary Cremation Urns

Raku pottery urns are known for their brilliant flashes of color. Each one is handmade and fired individually in a kiln until 2000 degrees.  After being placed in wood shavings and cooled you will see the bright reds, purples, and blues in these cremation urns. Below are 5 of our most popular raku cremation urns.

Earth Monument Raku Urn

Spirit Bear Raku Child Urn

Turtle Raku Cremation Urn

Earth's Round Bronze Raku Urn

Celestial Horses Raku Cremation Urn

Biodegradable Contemporary Cremation Urns

Biodegradable cremation urns are used for Earth and sea burials. These urns are designed to biodegrade only when placed in the Earth or the ocean.  If you choose to have one permanently in your home, you can trust that it will not degrade. Here the 5 options our customers are purchasing.

Biodegradable Turtle Urns

Gourd Biodegradable Urn

Bamboo Cremation Urn

Footprints In The Sand Cremation Urn

Chest Earth Urns

Solid Wood Contemporary Cremation Urns

Wood is a popular material to that most modern cremation urns are made of. Usually handmade this elegant designs can easily to used for a number of different things in the home. Check out our staff's picks below.

Beer Bottle Keepsake Cremation Urn

Dark Wood Cremation Urn

Soft Maple Wood Cradle Cremation Urn

White Oak Solid Wood Cremation Urn

Designer Contemporary Cremation Urns

The urns in this collection are for those who want a true artistic touch in their home.  Each one is handcrafted by solid wood and looks nothing like a cremation urn you've ever seen.

Ohio Deer Antler Urn Pair Cremation Urn

Concentric Waves Glass Wood Cremation Urn

Constellation Urn

Earth and Sky Cremation Urn

Cradle Companion Cremation Urn

Which Unique Cremation Urn Represent The Person You Love

When looking to purchase a cremation urn, it is best to find one not only represents who you love, but also one that you will not mind looking at. Let us know in the comment section below what are your favorites! To browse more of our unique contemporary urn options, make sure you visit our retail site at Don't forget to take advantage of our free shipping and engraving policy!


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