Constellation Urn


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Fabrication of night sky wood orb box with an inner flange that allows for a pressure fit of the top to the bottom.  If the "LED Constellation" option is chosen, the bottom hemisphere will have an inner lid that will also be pressure fit and lined with cork to allow a seal to be maintained during a seasonal moment of the wood.  The vessel will have an interior to accommodate at least 6.2 cubic inches of volume (should be just enough for the remains and plastic bag).

The exterior of hemispheres will be dyed midnight blue.  The exterior will be finished to have a high gloss with a clear shellac.  The flange and interior areas will be sealed with clear shellac but will not have a high shine in order to maintain proper conditions for a mechanical fit. A bottom inner lid will also be midnight blue.  If the "LED Constellation" option is chosen, the interior of the top hemisphere and an additional inner lid will be lined with "sliver" leaf to create better reflectivity in the lamp area.

The base will be turned out of wood and treated to represent a dusky, dark representation of rocky hills in the starlight.

  • Please allow 3-6 weeks for fabrication

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