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Seagrass Casket
Seagrass Casket
Seagrass Casket
Seagrass Casket
Seagrass Casket

Seagrass Casket


The Seagrass Casket

Are you planning a funeral and want an eco-friendly casket for the service?  Our seagrass casket is ideal for those who want an attractive eco-friendly casket for their loved one's funeral service.

Families that are looking for an environmentally friendly way to bury their loved one purchase this casket.  Each seagrass casket is handmade and is suitable for burial or as a cremation container.  This casket is mostly made from the willow plant, but we also weave in seagrass to make this casket standout.  The willow and seagrass used in this casket make it extra durable.  It will hold someone who weighed up to 350lbs and who stood 6'5" tall.

 We will ship this casket for free to the funeral home you are using for the service.  Personalize our seagrass casket to make your loved ones goodbye service even more memorable. 

seagrass casket
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Features of the Seagrass Casket

  • suitable for use as a burial casket or a cremation container
  • carefully handcrafted from biodegradable materials that will break down naturally over time when buried
  • made from willow and seagrass rope
  • fully lined unbleached cotton interior
  • holds a person up to 350lbs and 6'5" tall.
  • free cotton pillow and privacy shield
  • fast free shipping (put the address of the funeral home hosting the funeral and we will send the casket there)

How Our Seagrass Casket Is Made

This casket uses the same willow from our willow casket, but we also weave seagrass into the casket. The top is slightly rounded which adds to the appearance of this casket.  

We also hand-stitch the interior of this casket, using unbleached cotton and provide you with a pillow and privacy shield free of charge.

This casket is suitable for burial, or as a cremation container.

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Q: I just placed my order, when will my products ship?

A:  All Caskets & Cremation Urns are shipped next day.  Any cremation urns that receive engraving, please allow 1-3 days before shipping.

Our cremation necklaces are handmade to order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks before shipping.

Our fingerprint and signature jewelry are also handmade to order.  Please allow 2 weeks before shipping.  

If you have any questions, visit our Shipping policy page for more information.


Q: Why do your cremation necklaces take longer to ship?

A:  Each one of our cremation necklaces are handmade to order.  


Q: How do I transfer the ashes into your jewelry or cremation urn

A:   We provide a filling kit with every cremation jewelry order.  The filling kit comes with a funnel so that you can easily transfer the ashes into the cremation jewelry.

For cremation urns you can easily place ashe’s into the urn.

Alternatively, you can ask your funeral home or crematory.


Q: Some ashes do not fit in the urn, what do I do?

A: Our urns come in different sizes.  Keepsake urns are made to hold only a small amount of cremated remains, while our adult or full-size holds all ashes. 

Most people keep some ashes in an urn and also in another keepsake.


Q: How do I order a personalized or engraved item?

A: On the checkout page, there is a box where you can add a note to your order.  Also, you can contact us through email or messenger with your order number and place the personalized message there.  

For an order with pictures such as our fingerprint and signature jewelry, we ask that you email us the images after your order is placed.

Seagrass Casket

Seagrass Casket