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Simple Willow Casket

Are you looking for an eco-friendly casket for your loved one's funeral?  Our willow casket is perfect for those who are planning a funeral service but are keeping the environment in mind. 

This natural woven casket is ideal for families who are looking for an environmentally friendly way to bury their loved one.  We make each willow casket by hand, each one designed for a dignified farewell service for a loved one.  The willow casket is a durable casket, capable of holding 350lbs.  Our casket can also fit people up to 6'5" tall.

Every casket we make is made using sustainable materials.  This one is made from the willow plant.  You can use this casket for a burial service, or as a cremation container.  We will also ship this casket for free for the funeral service you are planning.

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Features of the Willow Casket

  • suitable for use as a casket or a cremation container
  • handmade from biodegradable materials that will break down naturally over time when buried
  • fully lined unbleached cotton interior
  • holds a person up to 350lbs and 6'5" tall.
  • free cotton pillow and privacy shield
  • fast free shipping (put the address of the funeral home hosting the funeral and we will send the casket there)

How The Willow Casket Is Made

We carefully handcraft each willow casket using the willow plant. The willow plant does not need to be cut down to be harvested. We construct each casket with a flat top design. Families love the look of this casket it is simple.  

We also hand-stitch the interior of this casket, using unbleached cotton and provide you with a pillow and privacy shield free of charge.

This casket is suitable for burial, or as a cremation container.

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