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Affordable Wicker Coffins for Sale

The wicker technique is used for making products woven from cane-like materials.  Typically these materials include: willow and bamboo.  When it comes to coffins, families have been transitioning to wicker ones because of a rise in environmental factors.  In this post, we break down our wicker coffins for sale and how you can order it. 

However, first, we discuss the benefits of wicker coffins.

Disadvantages of a Traditional Coffin

As you know, a coffin is used to hold the body during the funeral service and is buried at the cemetery.

If you have been searching online for coffin prices, you will find that they are relatively expensive.  Traditional coffins prices vary by style, with them primarily being sold at markups due to their visual appearance.

You will also see that a combination of materials are used to make a traditional coffin:

  • metal
  • wood
  • fiberboard
  • fiberglass
  • or plastic

These materials are harmful for the environment, not to mention expensive.

Average coffin costs vary based on the material used.  But, expect to pay between $1,500- $10,000 for a traditional coffin.


wicker coffins for sale


Benefits of a Wicker Coffin

Wicker coffins have had a steady increase in popularity across the world.  The benefits of using one for a funeral are: 

  1. customizable
  2. biodegradable & eco-friendly
  3. cheaper than traditional caskets

3 Benefits of Wicker Coffins

You might have purchased a wicker chain or other furniture, and you noticed that it is sturdy and lightweight.  That applies to a wicker coffin, but these are the three reasons why most people are purchasing them.

#1 Wicker Coffin Are More Customizable than a Traditional Casket

Traditional caskets are often made from different metals and wood.  Unless you are buying one that is already personalized with a design on it, customizing one to represent the interests of your loved one is difficult.

Because of how the materials are woven into wicker coffins, they are easily customizable.

#2 Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

The main reason families choose wicker coffins is because they are eco-friendly and suitable for burials or as a cremation container.

These caskets do not harm the environment when placed into the ground or when they are handmade.

Popular materials you will find for wicker coffins:

#3 Wicker Coffin Prices

Wicker coffins are cheaper than traditional caskets.  Average wicker coffin cost is $900-$1,500.


wicker coffins for sale


Wicker Coffins for Sale

In this post, we discussed the average wicker coffin price and the benefits to purchasing one.

If you are planning a funeral, and the funeral provider you are working with does not have any wicker coffins for sale, fear not there is a simple solution.

You can order coffins online and have it sent to the funeral provider and legally they have to accept the outside coffin as apart of the FTC's funeral home. (more on the funeral rule here)

If you decide to order one of the wicker coffins for sale on this site, you will also receive free shipping to the funeral provider or your home. 

(All orders placed before 2pm EST will be processed the same day.  Orders after 2pm EST will be processed on the next business day.)

Take a look at our entire wicker coffin collection here, or simply scroll down to see our options.


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