Butterfly Raku Urn


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Butterfly Raku Cremation Urn

The butterfly raku cremation urn perfectly holds the remains of butterfly enthusiasts!  Each butterfly raku urn features a flying butterfly headed towards the heavens.

This cremation urn is made in raku style making it a beautiful work of art that can be displayed in any room.  It holds up to 200 cubic inches of ashes. Suitable for human and pet cremation ashes or funeral flowers if there was no cremation.     

  • Handmade cremation urn featuring a flying butterfly
  • Beautiful urn to display in any room in your home
  • Holds 200 cubic inches of cremation ashes
  • Perfect for human and pet cremation ashes, or to store funeral flowers if no cremation.
  • FREE Engraving!
  • Free shipping!

How Raku Cremation Urns Are Made

Each raku cremation urn is handmade and fired individually.  Due to this expect to see slight variations in color.

A ceramic urn is heated in a kiln until it reaches 2000 degrees, then it is pulled out and placed into a pit of wood shavings, igniting it instantly. 


The urn smolders overnight and what is created is an urn filled with radiant flashes of color.


Filling The Butterfly Raku Cremation Urn with Cremation Ashes

Filling this cremation urn is really simple. 

  1. Unscrew the top 
  2. Pour your pet's or loved one's ashes inside.  

Even if you do not have cremation ashes, this urn can be used to hold the funeral flowers from the service.

This butterfly cremation urn is the perfect urn to memorialize your loved one, the a beautiful piece of art for display in the living room, dining room, or any room!

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