Blending Cremation Urns Into Your Home Decor: Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes


Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes That Fit Your Decor and Style

Ok, so you received your loved one's cremation ashes back, but where do you put it?  Buying an urn for human ashes is a tough decision.  With so many options available you may not know where to buy urns for human ashes?  Before you try to find out where to buy an urn, you should ask yourself these two questions.

  1. What type of activities did the deceased love to do? 
  2. Do you want a cremation urn that fits the style and decor of your home?

Answering these questions gives you a more precise insight into what kind of cremation urn you want to hold the ashes.  So then you can decide where to buy them.  In this article, we dive further into these two questions and provide recommendations on where to purchase urns for human ashes.  However, first, we want to break down some tips you should know when shopping for cremation urns.

Cremation Urn Sizes: Which Size Is For You?

Cremation urns commonly come in three sizes:

  1. keepsake
  2. medium
  3. full size

Keepsake Urns For Cremation Ashes

Keepsake urns for cremation ashes are designed to hold a small amount of cremains.  These urns are popular for keeping a pet's ashes in it, or for families that want to split the ashes amongst each other.  Keepsake urns are the cheapest out of the three sizes.  Here are some of our keepsake cremation urns:

Where To Buy Urns For Human AshesWhere To Buy Urns For Human AshesWhere To Buy Urns For Human Ashes

Medium Cremation Urns

As the name suggests, these cremation urns hold more than a keepsake but less than a full size.  Medium cremation urns are popular for holding the ashes of a small child or large pet.  They are also great if you want to scatter some of the human ashes, but keep most of them to yourself.  Here are some of the medium cremation urns that we offer:

Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes


Full-sized Cremation Urn

Full-sized cremation urns, also called adult size hold the maximum amount of human ashes.  When you cremate a body, you will typically receive 200 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  The full amount of ashes will fit in this size urn.  Here are some of our full-size cremation urns:

 Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes  Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes


Biodegradable Cremation Urns

Biodegradable cremation urns are gaining popularity in the United States.  These urns are perfect to be buried, or flat in water for an ocean burial.  There are two types of biodegradable urns you should know about:

  1. Earth Biodegradable
  2. Water Biodegradable

Earth Biodegradable Urns

Use this type of cremation urn if you want to bury some or all of the human ashes.  Earth biodegradable urns are designed to biodegrade only once buried.  Which means that you can display them in your home until you are ready.  Here are some of our favorite earth biodegradable urns:

Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes


Water Biodegradable Urns

If you guessed that these urns biodegrade in water, you would have guessed correctly.  Using a biodegradable water urn to perform an ocean burial makes the experience more memorable.  These urns will float on the surface (for up to four hours) then gently sink to the bottom.  Here's which ones our customers say was their favorite:

Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes Where To Buy Urns For Human AshesWhere To Buy Urns For Human Ashes

Buying Urns For Human Ashes

Now that you know the sizes and the different type of cremation urns, we want to circle back to the first two questions we asked.  

What Type of Activities Did The Deceased Love To Do?

Who was the person that passed? 

  • Did he or she enjoy sports like football or basketball? 
  • Where they into songwriting, singing or playing music? 
  • Alternatively, perhaps they loved to be outdoors, taking walks in nature or hunting.

Answering this question allows you make a cremation urn purchase that you know is perfect for holding your loved one's remains.  

Do You Want a Cremation Urn That Fits The Style and Decor of Your Home?

I have a minimalistic style, and some people prefer lots of colors.  Everyone is unique and has their own opinion of what works for them.  Now that you know what activities the deceased loved to you, does that cremation urn fit into your home decor? 

  • Would you want a contemporary cremation urn?
  • A cremation urn that is colorful?
  • Alternatively, maybe one that fits so discreetly with your decor no ones knows that it is a cremation urn.

Where To Buy Urns For Human Ashes?

Ultimately where to buy urns for human ashes depends on where you feel the most comfortable shopping.  

Amazon as an excellent selection of urns and so does Walmart,  but if you are looking for unique cremation urns like in the pictures above take a look at this site to see our options.


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