Where Can i Buy Urns for Ashes?


Q: Where Can I Buy Urns for Ashes?

A: When looking for the right cremation urn that will hold your love ones or pets ashes, you want to make sure you buy one that represents the person or animal that passed, is made from high-quality materials, and is in your budget.  But where do you find the right urn for ashes?  You will not believe how many families ask where can I buy urns for ashes.  In this post we break down your options.

By the end of this article you will know:

  1. Best retailers for buying urns for ashes
  2. Which cremation urns are most popular
  3. The difference in urn sizes

Let's begin!

The 3 Different Cremation Urn Sizes

Cremation urns typically come in three sizes.

  1. keepsake
  2. medium
  3. full size (adult)

The sizes represent how much cubic inches of ashes each one can fit. 

After the cremation process, an adult human products 220 cubic inches of ashes.  Most to all full-size cremation urns for 200-220 cubic inches of ashes. 

Medium urns are usually made for children and bigger pets.  They can fit range of ashes, however more than likely they range between 50-100 cubic inches.  

Keepsake cremation urns are the smallest that you can purchase.  Keepsake urns are also good for pets ashes and if you want to only keep a small amount of ashes for yourself.


Now that you have an idea of what sizes you will see when it comes to buying a cremation urn, let's discuss which ones are the most popular!

What Cremation Urns Are People Buying The Most?

Gone are the days were you only had a basic selection of cremation urns.  By basic, we mean ones like the picture below.

Where Can I Buy Urns for Ashes?


Now you can buy cremation urns that aim to show off the personality of the person that passed. 

Was your late father a fan of the Oregon ducks or any other football team? Then this Oregon football helmet urn is right for him!

Was your mother a fan of horses? Well how about this horses raku cremation urn?

The possibilities are endless.  

In addition to buying an urn in your budget and that represents someone that passed; When people are choosing cremation urns they also choose one based on these three things:

  1. Sea burials
  2. Earth burials
  3. Home Display

Cremation Urns for Sea Burials & Earth Burials

If you or your family want to perform a sea burial or bury the urn into the ground, you will need to have a biodegradable cremation urn.

As the name suggests these urns biodegrade over time and do not cause harm to the environment.

Usually, if they are made of high quality materials like the ones we have pictured below, they will not biodegrade until they are placed into the ocean or the Earth.

Here are 2 popular Sea burials urns and Earth burial urns you will find on this site:





If you are not looking to bury the urn or to perform a sea burial, you might be interested in only keeping the urn in your home.

Displaying a Cremation Urn In Your Home

In our previous post, we discussed the 5 common places people are putting cremation urns in their home.

Keeping an urn at home is a tradition that many people follow.

Some people decide to only keep a small amount of ashes in the home, while others keep all of them.  The choice is yours to make.

When it comes to purchasing the right cremation urn for your home, we advise you ask yourself two questions.

  1. What did the deceased love to do?  What were their interests or hobbies?
  2. How much can you afford to spend?  What kind of cremation urn fits in with your home decoration?

Answering this questions allows you to buy a cremation urn that represents who you love.

So far we discussed the different urn sizes and the type of cremation urns you can buy, so now you're probably still wondering where can I buy urns for ashes?

Where Can I Buy Urns for Ashes?

Of course you can purchase cremation urns right here on Funeral Direct, but there are other places that you can buy cremation urns.

Many popular retailers such as Amazon and Walmart have a decent selection of cremation urns.

When buying urns on sites like Amazon it is always best to make sure the seller has a positive rating to make sure you receive an urn that will not crack or break.


What Kind of Cremation Urn Are You Looking For?

So now that you know the cremation urn sizes, the different types of cremation urns and where you can by them, what cremation urn are you looking for?

Visit our cremation urn collection to see all the unique cremation urns we offer!

Also make sure to visit our current promotions page to take advantage of special deals while you shop!


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