Where To Put Cremation Urns In Your Home: Top 5 Common Places

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Where To Put Cremation Urns In Your Home

We are often asked by our customers where to put cremation urns in the home.

Ultimately when you are deciding how to display an urn in your home, you need to take in to consideration your personal style and decor of your home.

In this post, we break down FIVE common places people are putting cremation urns in their home.  We will also cover:

  • Unique ideas for keeping ashes
  • Urn display ideas
  • two questions you should ask yourself before you purchase a cremation urn.

Let's begin!

How-To Choose The Best Cremation Urn That Represents Your Loved Ones Memory

When looking for cremation urns, you will find tons of options.

But how do you decide which one to pick?  Well, you want to find a cremation urn that is of course within your budget, but also represents who you loved one was.

We recommend that you ask yourself these two questions while you are browsing for a cremation urn.

  1. What did the person who passed love to do?  What were their interests or hobbies?
  2. How much can you afford to spend?  What kind of cremation urn fits in with your home decor?

Question 1 allows you to narrow your search to only looking for an urn that you know represents the person you loss.

Question 2 makes you define your budget and also helps you pick addition features of the urn.   (If you are keeping the cremation urn in your home, you want one that you are comfortably looking it)

Unique Ideas for Keeping an Urn at Home: Urn Display Ideas

OK, so now that you know how to pick the perfect cremation urn for you and your loved one's memory let's discuss some unique ways you can display an urn in your home.

Some of our customers have set up a memorial area.  It does not have to be an entire room, there are many places that can be a used as a memorial area:

  • a shelf on a bookshelf
  • desk
  • coffee or endtables
  • nightstands
  • trophy cases
  • wall mounted shelf
  • entire wall in your living room, bedroom, etc.
  • convert an entire hardly used room

Ideally when choosing where to put cremation urns you should decide where does it fit the best in your home.

Where To Put Cremation Urns: Our Customers 5 Common Places

Above we listed some popular areas you can place a cremation urn.  But there are places that are more popular than others.

  1. Living Room
  2. Bedroom
  3. Kitchen
  4. Foyer
  5. Car

Keeping a Cremation Urn In Your Living Room

The living room is the most popular place people keep cremation urns.  In most homes, the living room is the most used rom and the place where people gather.

Usually people have bookshelves, tables, wall mounted shelves, or fireplaces in their living room, which makes the perfect place to put the cremation urn.

Keeping a Cremation Urn In Your Bedroom

Some people like to keep the cremation urn where they sleep because they feel like they are being watched over.

Popular spots to display them are a nightstand or dresser.

Cremation Urn In Your Kitchen

Let's say your parent or grandparents were amazing cooks, you might want to place the cremation urn in the kitchen.

Sure the placement here is key and you will want to get a cremation urn that standouts here if you decide to place it here.  The last thing you want is to accidentally mistakes those contents for seasoning.

Keeping an Urn In Your Foyer

The foyer is the entry path to your home.  Many people understand the important of creating good feng shui in their foyer.  Adding a cremation urn can help spread the love and positive energy you are looking for.

Keeping a Cremation Urn In Your Car

Most of the time people keep some type of keepsake in their vehicles.  Usually they are gifts given by people who car for them, and serve to watch over them.

What better way to keep a physical reminder of someone you lost with you while you travel?

Keepsake cremation urns, or urn pendants can be stored in your car giving you the reassurance you need.

Where Are YOU Thinking of Putting The Cremation Urn In Your Home?

So now that you know popular places other people are putting cremation urns, where would you place one in your home?  

Let us know and help other readings decide in the comment section below!

Are you looking to find the best cremation urn that represents your loved one? Simply ask yourself the two questions we mentioned earlier and  when you visit our product page!

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