Get Free Laser Engraved Urns for Ashes | 15+ Products That Qualify


Laser Engraved Urns for Ashes for Free

If you are looking for beautifully engraved urns for ashes you have come to the right place.

Laser engraved urns offer you the ability to have the name and a special message placed on an urn that holds someone they cared deeply for.

In this article, we highlight our collection of personalized urns for adults.  With the purchase of the urns you see below you will receive free engraving.

See an urn you like?  Press "View Urn" to learn more!

Engraved Urns for Ashes: 15+ Urns We'll Engrave for Free!

We offer free engraving up to four lines of text. Your loved one name.  A bible verse.  Their favorite song or poem.  A special message.  What would you have engraved on these urns?

Ancient Spirits Raku Urn

This urn looks to bring hope and positive energy to the room that it is in.

Butterfly Raku Urn

Butterflies symbolize prosperity, hope, change, life, and resurrection.

Celestial Dolphins Raku Urn

Sailors consider seeing dolphins a positive omen.

Dragonfly Raku Urn

The dragonfly brings change and mental maturity.

Heart Raku Urn

Engrave a poem or heartful message on the lid of this heart urn.

Spirit Wolves Raku Urn

The wolf pack symbolizes family, loyalty, and trust.

Western Garden Raku Urn

Let the hummingbird on this engravable urn let you see the good in life and beauty in each day.

Celestial Horses Raku Cremation Urn

Symbolizing freedom, travel, and desire the horse is ideal for someone with a free spirit.

Celestial River Raku Urn

Swimming upstream, this urn is perfect to engrave a powerful message about perseverance.

Western Sun Raku Cremation Urn

The sun brings life, light, and energy into each one of our lives.

Legend Granite Cremation Urn

A large urn, for long personal engraved messages.

Locking Dark Wood Cremation Urn

Keep your loved one's ashes safe under lock and key.

Lighthouse Urn

Whether the person you cherish was a fan of the oceans or was your guiding light.  Engrave a special poem or message here.

Sports Display Urn

If your loved one was a true sports fan, then how about engraving their favorite team name on this urn.

Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

Coming in different colors, what special engraved message would you put on this urn?

Bamboo Biodegradable Burial Urn

Ideal if you will be burying your loved ones ashes.  Place a special final message on this urn.

Take 10% off these engraved Urns for ashes, or any our other products with a purchase of $100 or more.  Use discount code "FirstTime" at checkout!

What Size Urn Should You Buy?

Cremation urns come in two major sizes:
  1. keepsake
  2. adult
Keepsake urns typically hold between 3 - 30 cubic inches of ashes.

Also referred to as small urns for ashes, you would purchase one if you plan on sharing remains with other family or friends.  You would also purchase a keepsake cremation urn if you want to keep a small number of ashes after scattering them legally or burying them.

Adult size urns hold the full amount of ashes that you would receive back when an adult is cremated.  This is generally 220 cubic inches.

If you are looking for an urn to hold a child's or a pet's cremation ashes.  Then you would need a medium sized urn.  Medium urns hold between 30- 110 cubic inches of ashes.
Didn't find the size you are looking for in this article? Search our store.  We have hundreds of options for you to choose from!

Other Custom Engraved Memorial Products

In addition to laser engraved urns, most people tend to like engraved jewelry.

Cremation urns are great memorial products, but you may want an item that you can wear with you every day.  These handwritten name necklaces offer the unique ability to use your loved one's handwriting as the font.

Browse these memorial jewelry alternatives to the engraved urns for ashes in this article!

Disc Signature Pendant Necklace


Disc Signature Pendant Necklace with Button Diamond Charm

Bar Signature Pendant Necklace

Drop Bar Signature Pendant Necklace

Engraved Dog Tag Necklace

Cut-out Handwriting Bracelet

Personalized Engraved Cuff Bracelet

Handwriting Collar Stays For Men

Personalized Handwriting Necklace

What's more, personal than someone's signature?  Possibly their fingerprint.  These fingerprint necklaces and rings below allow you to keep your loved one's touch close at all times!

Teardrop Fingerprint Necklace

Sideways Heart Fingerprint Necklace

Fingerprint Dog Tag Necklace

Perfectly Round Disc Fingerprint Necklace

Oval Fingerprint Necklace

Fingerprint Bar Bracelet

Fingerprint & Handwriting Bar Necklace

Dainty Thumbprint Necklace

Rectangular Thumbprint Memorial Necklace

Fingerprint Charm Bracelet - Expandable

Drop Bar Fingerprint Necklace with Handwriting

Dainty Custom Fingerprint Ring

Engraved Face Fingerprint Ring

Double Heart Fingerprint Memorial Necklace

Adjustable Fingerprint Ring

Slim Adjustable Fingerprint Ring

Each one of this custom signature and fingerprint jewelry items is handmade to order!

Free Shipping on Engraved Urns for Ashes

We offer fast free shipping on all purchases.  If you want to learn more about any of the engraved urns for ashes listed in this article or simply want to browse all of our products click here!


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