Our Best Selling Necklace with Kids Names is Handmade With Care

Silver, Gold, & Rose Gold Necklace With Kids Names

What better way to show off your love for your kids than with a necklace with kids names attached.  Name necklaces are a favorite jewelry item amongst new parents because it allows you to show off your pride and joy with your outfits stylishly.

Our signature name necklaces take a unique approach to the favorite jewelry piece.  How so?  Well instead of picking a random font like most other name necklaces, we use your handwriting as the font for the chain.  

Below you will see some of our beautiful name necklace collections, that will look great with your kid's names on it. 


necklace with kids names


Your Signature Makes This Name Necklace Unique

We take pride in making products that are truly meaningful to you and those you care about.  This is reflected in our signature necklaces.  As you can see below, each font is different.  That is because we use your handwriting as the font for the necklaces.

All of our necklaces are made by hand to order.

Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver

Each name necklace is made from 925 sterling silver.  They will not tarnish.

We offer multiple finishes with our necklaces.  Some people love the plain sterling silver finish, but other like how the Gold and Rose Gold look with their outfits.

necklace with kids names

Steps To Follow When Ordering These Necklaces with Your Kid's Names

It is effortless to order. 

  1. Just write your kids names on a piece of paper either in your handwriting or take it a step further and use theirs. 
  2. Once you choose the necklace length and finish and check out, send us an image of the handwriting you want on the necklace (sales@funeraldirect.shop)

Which Necklace with Kids Names Will You Buy?

Our name necklaces come in multiple sizes, shapes, lengths, and finishes.

Guaranteed we have an option that will look great on you, and you will love to wear!

Take a look at our fashionable necklaces below.

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