10 Popular Cremation Urns for Burial at Sea That Make for a Memorable Service

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10 Popular Cremation Urns for Burial at Sea

Biodegradable cremation urns for burial at sea can make a regular service extremely memorable.

If you are looking for the best biodegradable cremation urns to enhance a sea burial you are planning then you have come to the right place.  

At FuneralDirect we have a big collection of biodegradable urns that meet any budget.

In this post, I rank 10 of our best selling cremation urns for burial at sea.

Biodegradable Urn Features

 All of our biodegradable cremation urns are handmade.  We use sustainable materials that will not biodegrade until you release them at sea.

Our urns float for a short period (1-3hrs) and sink ever so gently to the bottom of the ocean.  

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10 Best Selling Inexpensive Biodegradable Cremation Urns

Here are our ten biodegradable cremation urns for burial at sea best sellers

(you can add the urn to your cart from this page, but if you want to read more about each product click the links.)  

10. Lotus Biodegradable Urn

Our lotus biodegradable features a lotus flower on the top of the urn.  

The lotus symbolizes purity of body, mind, and speech. 

This urn holds the full amount of adult ashes (260 cu in)

9. Dolphin Biodegradable Urn

Taking inspiration from a dolphin gracefully leaping out of the clear ocean waters, our biodegradable dolphin urn is ideal for someone who had a love for the majestic animals.

This urn holds 260 Cubic Inches

8. Sand Dollar Biodegradable Urn

Is apart of the serenity collection of biodegradable urns.  It holds 260 cu in of ashes.

7. Memento Water Urn

Place personal notes inside of our memento water urn.  This urn comes with 20 notecards.

This urn holds 275 cu in of ashes.

6. Biodegradable Shell Urn

The shell urn holds cremation ashes safe like a pearl in the ocean.

You can fit 400 cu in of ashes in this large urn.

5. Laguna Biodegradable Urn for Sea Burial

Our Laguna biodegradable urn has a huge origami flower on the lid.

This urn looks like a floating flower as it is gliding across the surface of the ocean.  You can purchase this cremation urn in 4 different sizes:

  • Pets (8in x 9in; 55 cu in)
  • Adult (12in x 16in; 240 cu in)
  • Large Adult (3ft x 16in; 240 cu in)
  • Companion (3ft x 2ft; 550 cu in)

4. Deep Ocean Urn

Simple and elegant, the deep ocean urn holds 220 cu in of ashes and comes in 2 colors.

  1. Autumn leaves
  2. Purple leaves


3. Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urn

Our journey earth urn comes in 12 colors:

  1. Embossed Black
  2. Gilded Onyx
  3. Embossed White
  4. Gilded Sapphire
  5. Embossed Pearl
  6. Embossed Fern
  7. Purple
  8. Slate Gray
  9. Green
  10. Aqua
  11. Navy
  12. Natural

It also comes in 2 sizes:

  1. mini - 60 cu in of cremation ashes (6.5"L x 8"W x 2.25"H;)
  2. large- 220 cu in of cremation ashes (12.5″L x 14″W x 3″H)


2. Biodegradable Turtle Urn

The biodegradable turtle urn is a very unique cremation urn.

Each urn is handmade by skilled artists.  This turtle urn makes for a beautiful service as it looks like a turtle is swimming gracefully off into the ocean.

This urn comes in 2 sizes: 

  1. Mini- holds up to 3 tables spoons of ashes
  2. Adult- hold the full amount of cremation ashes


1. Biodegradable Pillow Urn

The biodegradable pillow urn is our most popular urn.

This pillow urn is perfect if you are a tight budget.  It is made from mulberry tree bark and comes in 2 sizes:

  1. Medium- Holds 100 cu in of ashes (8.75"L x 5.75"W 4"H)
  2. Adult- Holds 230 cu in of ashes (13"L x 9"W x 4"H)

Biodegradable Cremation Urns for Burial at Sea That Represent The Person Who Passed.

Each one of our biodegradable cremation urns is unique in their way.

They are all handmade using sustainable materials, float for about 3hrs before sinking, and ship for free to you.

I hope that you found an urn that you like to use for the sea burial you're planning on this list.

If you have any question, please reach to us, by email (sales@funeraldirect.shop) or by using the messenger to the right.

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