Lotus Biodegradable Urn


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Lotus Biodegradable Urn

The lotus is a symbol of purity of the body, speech, and mind.  These symbols make it ideal for us to feature this flower on our Lotus biodegradable urn.

Just like our sand dollar and dolphin urns, this urn seeks to returns those we care about to the tranquil oceans as it floats and gently falls to the bottom of the sea..

This Cremation Urn Is Best For:

  1. Sea burials
  2. People who embodied the symbolism of the lotus flower

Pair with our Memorial Petals for an enhanced experience.

The Lotus Biodegradable Cremation Urn Additional Features/Specs

  • Handmade from renewable resources (expect slight variations in color)
  • Biodegradable in Earth and Water
  • TSA compliant (can be brought on airplanes) 
  • 260 Cubic Inches
  • Free Shipping

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