Cremation Urn Reviews: The Cat in Basket Cremation Urn


Cremation Urn Review: The Cat in Basket Cremation Urn

The cat in basket cremation urn is a favorite among people looking for an urn to hold their beloved cat's ashes. It features a cat sleeping quietly wrapped up in a warm basket.  What makes this cremation urn unique is the realistic details on the ears, paws, and the back of the cat. In this post we will provide you with a detailed review of everything you need to know before you purchase it, including:
  • The material it's made of
  • Dimensions
  • Volume
  • How you fill the urn
  • Where you can buy the cat in basket cremation urn


This cremation urn is made of cold cast resin and has a marble finish on the base.  It also has a soft felt on the bottom to protect your furniture. "Cold-Casting" is the term used to describe mixing metal powder with resin.  The process creates casting that resemble solid metal.


This cremation urn can fit almost everywhere as it measure 6-3/8" W x 4-3/4" D x 6-1/2" H.  It is also 2.45 pounds.


The cat in basket cremation urn holds up to 25 cu. in. of ashes

How To Fill The Urn

Filling this cremation urn is easy.  At the bottom is an opening panel with four screws.  It is here where you will fill the cremation urn with your cat's ashes.


cat in basket cremation urn

Where Can I Purchase The Cat in Basket Cremation Urn?

The cat in basket cremation urn is available in 4 colors:
  1. Black
  2. Bronze
  3. Hand painted white
  4. White

The cat in basket cremation urn is available on Amazon. Here are more images of the different colors:



cat in basket cremation urn


cat in basket cremation urn

Hand painted white:

cat in basket cremation urn


cat in basket cremation urn



Cat Cremation Urns & Jewelry

Now that you know all of the features of the cat in basket cremation urn.  What are your thoughts?  Would will you purchasing it? We understand that finding the perfect cremation urn for your cat's ashes is tough task, and there are many options out there. If you want to explore more options, check out some of the cremation urns and jewelry cat owners have bought from our site.  

Pet Urn with Paw Prints Raku Urn

Our raku pet urn comes in three different sizes and looks great in any room in your home.  Perfect to hold your cat's ashes.

Available on our retail site

Gold Paw Print Heart Cremation Necklace

Keep your cat's ashes close to your heart in this gold paw print cremation necklace.  Holds a small amount of your cat's ashes, allowing you to keep the rest in a cremation urn. Available on our retail site

Wood Pet Keepsake Urn

This wooden pet urn is perfect to hold your cat's ashes if you are looking for a small urn.  Keepsake urns are designed to only hold a small amount of ashes. Most people purchase keepsake urns in addition to the cremation necklaces like the one above. Available on our retail site

Paw Print Cremation Bead

The paw print cremation bead is honestly our most purchased item for people looking to hold their cat's ashes somewhere special.  These beads fit on all types of bracelets and are the same size as your Pandora or Alex and Ani charms. This sterling silver bead holds a small amount of cremation ashes. Available on our retail site


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