A Book Lovers Dream: The Perfect Book Cremation Urn for Ashes


Placing Remains in a Book Cremation Urn

People lose themselves in books.  Whether fiction or nonfiction, there's something almost therapeutic about relaxing and burying yourself in a good book.  For those that loved to read, placing their remains in a book cremation urn is the best way to memorialize them. 

Book Cremation Urn

Like all the of the unique urns that we sell, each one of these cremation urns has been selected due to their simple design and ability to blend in with your home decor seamlessly.  In this post, we list 8 of our favorite book cremation urns for human or pet ashes.

Book Urn for Cremation Ashes

This handpainted book cremation urn comes in two sizes large and small.  It is crafted from cold cast resin.  To place cremation ashes in this urn, open the bottom panel.

Book Cremation Urn

Classic Literature Library Book Set Design Wood Keepsake Cremation Urn

Place cremation ashes in this cremation urn that looks like a row of books.  Handpainted and featuring a velvet lining, this book cremation urn is a discreet way to honor a loved one.

Book Cremation Urn

Rosewood Bookshelf Cremation Urn

Custom made, this simple wood urn fits perfectly on your bookshelf.

Book Cremation Urn

Mahogany Bookshelf Cremation Urn

Resembling a classic book this cremation urn is perfect for those who like minimalistic design.

Book Cremation Urn

Walnut Book with Celtic Cross

This wood urn features a Celtic cross making it a perfect place to hold ashes.

Book Cremation Urn

Walnut Book with Doves Companion

This companion urn holds the full amount of cremation ashes of two people.

Book Cremation Urn

The Bible Wood Urn For Human Ashes

This cross inlaid book urn is the perfect way to hold cremation ashes and show your relationship to Christ.

Book Cremation Urn

Walnut Book Urn

Again, another simple book design to hold human or pet ashes.

Book Cremation Urn


Shopping For Other Unique Cremation Urns Like These Book Urns

What did you think about the cremation urns above?  Did any of them spark your interest?

As we mentioned our previous post, there are two questions you should always ask yourself before you buy a cremation urn.  

  1. What type of activities did the deceased love to do? 
  2. Do you want a cremation urn that fits the style and decor of your home?

As you are shopping around for cremation urns on our site make sure you keep these two questions in mind.


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