Taking Coffee To The Grave: Putting Ashes In a Big Lebowski Cremation Urn


Putting a Coffee Lovers Ashes In a Big Lebowski Cremation Urn

What is the Big Lebowski cremation urn?  If you have not gotten a chance to see the Big Lebowski (1998), you are missing out on cinema history.  One of the most memorable scenes was when Walter Sobchak and Jeffrey Lebowski was giving a eulogy for his deceased bowling teammate Donny.  Donny was cremated, and Walter (played by John Goodman) uses a Folgers coffee as a cremation urn because the cost of a cremation urn is too dear.  With a pointless detour in the eulogy, Walter ultimately ends up ruining the funeral, by scattering Donny's ashes all over Lebowski!

This scene is one of the many that made the movie a cult classic and some of the film's devotees, identified as "Achievers" have shown interest in having their ashes in a similar urn. With the handmade Big Lebowski cremation urn by Memento Memorials, you can have a novelty piece of movie history! 

Big Lebowski Ashes Scene


Memento Memorials and the Big Lebowski Coffee Can Urn

Memento Memorials specializes in creating beautiful and unique handmade wood cremation urns.

There other notable cremation urn designs, which can be found right in our store, include:

    But perhaps most famous is the Big Lewbowski cremation urn.  They were able to track down period correct cans and even the mismatched lids and paired it with bowling ball pedestals.

    Big Lebowski Cremation Urn

    Searching online, you will find plenty of Folgers coffee cans, but the exact version used in the movie is rare.  Especially if you seek the "For All Coffee Makers" version.

    Big Lebowski Cremation Urn Big Lebowski Cremation Urn

    Because of the specific attention to detail, these coffee cremation urns are not available very often.  So instead of selling them, they have decided to auction them to benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Visit Modern Memorials to see when the next auction will be.  However, for those that are interested in making their own coffee cremation urn, Memento Memorials breaks down the process in 5 easy steps!

    Shop For Memento Memorials Urns Like The Big Lebowski Cremation Urn

    To purchase handmade and unique cremation urns from Memento Memorials, look no further than right here on Funeral Direct.

    We offer free shipping on all products and have contemporary sympathy and memorial keepsakes that are great as gifts or to display in your home!


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