Stainless Steel Urn Pendants: A Discreet Way to Memorialize Your Loved One

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Unique Stainless Steel Urn Pendants

If you are looking for unique stainless steel urn pendants to discreetly hold your loved one's ashes you have come to the right place. In this article, we highlight the best selling stainless steel cremation jewelry pendants that you will find online.  We also cover common questions like:
  • how-to fill cremation jewelry
  • other metals cremation necklaces come in
  • how much do cremation necklaces cost?
Each one is made to hold a very small amount of cremation ashes (3-8 cubic inches) or lock of hair. Which one of these is your favorite?

25+ Unique Stainless Steel Urn Pendants

Below are our collection of cremation necklaces.  To learn more or to purchase click "view necklace"
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How-To Fill Cremation Urn Jewelry

Filling cremation jewelry is simple.  You can do it by yourself or enlist the help of family, friends, or even the funeral director. All you need to would need is a small funnel (which is included with your purchase) and something to unscrew (a penny) the urn pendant.
  1. unscrew the cremation jewelry pendant using a penny or a small flat head screwdriver
  2. use the funnel to help guide the ashes into the necklace.
  3. fasten the pendant securely to hold the ashes*
* some people use an adhesive like crazy glue to provide a double seal to make sure the ashes stay inside.

Different Types of Cremation Jewelry

Although this article is about stainless steel urn pendants, cremation necklaces come in different metals.  You will find options in:
  • sterling silver
  • 14k gold plated
  • 14k solid gold

How Much Should I Pay For Cremation Jewelry?

The price you will pay for cremation jewelry will vary on the retailer.
  • Most stainless steel urn pendants retail between $24.99-$29.99.
  • Sterling silver cremation necklaces can range from $49.99-$54.99.
  • Solid gold cremation necklaces can be as low as $299 and as high as $3,000.

Free Shipping on ALL Cremation Jewelry

We offer free shipping on each of the stainless steel cremation pendants that you see above. With your purchase, you will receive a small funnel to help to put in the ashes. Like any of the memorial jewelry options, you saw above?  You can easily add it to your cart and checkout right from this page. Want to see more cremation jewelry options?  Explore all the products on our site!

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