10+ Gold Cremation Jewelry Pendants That Hold Ashes & Are Fashionable *Exclusive Discount Inside*

Gold Cremation Jewelry Pendants

More families are choosing to have their loved ones cremated than ever before.  In fact, over 50% of families choose cremation over burial. Odds are if you are reading this is because you are also choosing to have one of your family members or friends cremated and you want a high-quality piece of jewelry to hold the remains.  Right now, one of the most unique cremation jewelry you can buy are gold cremation jewelry pendants.

In this post, we break down our best selling gold cremation pendants that not only serves to memorialize your loved one but also is a fashionable piece of jewelry for you. (read to the end for a special discount code)


But first here are some ways people are storing cremation ashes.

Popular Ways To Memorialize Cremation Ashes

There are many ways to memorialize someone that passed away, and no option is better than the others. 

When paying respects to someone that died, you want to do it in a way that represents who that person was. 

Here are some popular ways our visitors are memorializing their loved ones.

  1. Taking some of the ashes to perfect a sea burial
  2. Burying the ashes in your backyard
  3. Storing the ashes at home
  4. Scattering the ashes in their favorite place

Let's dive deeper into these.   

Sea burials

Sea burials have been performed for years, but have recently gained in popularity in western cultures.

In speaking to our customers, they saw that sea burials gave them the closure they needed to move on.  Some contribute it to the biodegradable urns that float then gently disappear like our turtle and pillow urn below.


Just note that if you are performing a sea burial, there are some regulations that you must follow.


Burying Cremation Ashes

You can also bury cremation ashes, the same way that people bury bodies.  In our previous post ( digging a grave yourself, how deep can you bury?)  We discussed the guidelines you need to follow when deciding to bury cremation ashes in a cemetery or on your own property.

One of the most important takeaways is that you should be using a biodegradable urn like the ones below.  


Storing Cremation Ashes at Home

Now, most people choose to store most of the cremation ashes in their home.  There are some pretty unique cremation urns available online.  If you are looking on our site, you will see that most of our options are discreet, and look more like decorative sculptures in your home. 

Here are some popular ones families are purchasing


Scattering Cremation Ashes

Ash scattering is pretty popular.  You might have seen scenes in movies when people scatter ashes in parks or across mountains.  

Scattering ashes are not legal in all places., and if you get caught scattering where you are not supposed to you can be fined.   Here is a helpful guide for scattering ashes legally.

By now you read about other popular options, here are our customer favorite gold jewelry cremation pendants.

10+ Gold Cremation Jewelry Pendants That Will Look Great On You While Holding Ashes

Below are our most purchased 14k gold jewelry cremation pendants.

As with any of the cremation jewelry and urns you find on our site, we always provide free shipping and engraving services for you and your family!




Did You Like What You Saw?

Buying memorial items is a difficult choice.  When you are purchasing a pendant to hold cremation ashes you want to make sure it is great quality and affordable.

Here at Funeral Direct, we value:

  1. customer service to families shopping with us
  2. a high-quality collection of memorial products
  3. Affordable prices for everyone.
Thank you for reading this post, and as a valued customer use coupon code "FuneralDirect14k" at checkout to take 10% off ALL of our 14k Gold Cremation Pendants! 

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