Would Bid on These Cremation Necklaces on eBay?

30+ Cremation Necklaces Ebay under $30

eBay is a popular platform that allows you to bid on items you want to buy.  The benefits are that you have the ability to save money on purchases.  When it comes in cremation jewelry, you will find options listed there as well.  In fact, we list most of our cremation necklaces eBay.  Below are the cremation necklaces that are the top sellers on eBay!

Our Best Selling Cremation Necklaces on eBay

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Tips for Picking a Memorable Cremation Necklace

Cremation necklaces hold the remains of someone that you was close to.  It is only right that you place their ashes inside an urn pendant that represents who there were. When purchasing a cremation necklace, you should seek to find one that is modeled after what they liked to do. Did the play sports?  Did they music or fashion? Shopping with these questions in mind will help you to make the perfect decision when looking for a cremation necklace!

How Are Our Cremation Necklace eBay Made?

Each necklace we have listed on FuneralDirect.shop and on our eBay store is made from either:

How Many Ashes Will My Cremation Necklace Hold?

Cremation necklaces are small pendants that are made to be reminders of the person or pet you lost. Generally, these special necklaces will hold 1-3 cubic inches of ashes. With the rest of the remains, you can either have placed in a unique urn for ashes or choose to scatter them.  However, some people have decided to get them tattooed and each placed in their dinner

A Helpful Guide to Putting Ashes Inside Cremation Jewelry

Provided with your purchase of a cremation necklace, we provide a  small funnel.  This funnel allows you to easily get the ashes inside the urn pendant without making a mess on the table.
  1. unscrew the enclosure of the cremation necklace using a coin or small screwdriver
  2. use the funnel to put the cremation ashes inside
  3. close the cremation urn pendant and wear the memory of your loved one.

Shopping for Cremation Necklaces at Funeral Direct

Visit our homepage to see unique cremation jewelry that you won't find anywhere else. Or if you rather shop our eBay store, click here!

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