You Won't Find These Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry Pendants Anywhere Else!

Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry: The Best Options Online.

Stainless steel cremation jewelry is a popular way to always keep the memory of someone you love around you.

Below we list our exclusive collection of stainless steel cremation jewelry pendants.

This type of cremation jewelry for ashes are made to hold a small amount of remains from humans and pets.  Usually around 1-3 cubic inches.

Coming in many different styles there is no shortage of options to find one that represents the personality of the person or pet whose remains will be inside.

Each urn necklaces below:
  • is made from high grade 316 stainless steel,
  • includes a fill kit so you can easily put the ashes inside, and
  • qualifies for free shipping!

Like any of the urn necklace for ashes you see below?

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What is Stainless Steel?

We use high grade 316 stainless steel (surgical steel) in each of the stainless steel cremation jewelry options we offer at Funeral Direct. 316 is the second most common grade of stainless steel, after 304. 

The addition of alloy prevents corrosion ensuring that your necklace will retain its beauty.

Jewelry for Ashes: Average Prices

Stainless steel cremation jewelry is the most affordable type of keepsake jewelry.  The average price ranges from $25 -$40.

The price for stainless steel urn pendants varies from retailer to retailer, and funeral home to funeral home.

Because of this, you need to be careful when purchasing cremation jewelry directly from the funeral home, we have found some charging as much as $50 for a basic stainless steel cremation pendant.

Cremation jewelry also comes in:
  • sterling silver - $50-$150
  • 14k solid gold - $350+

How-to Fill Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Filling cremation jewelry is easy.  You will be able to do it yourself, but feel free to ask a family member, friend, or a funeral director if you do not want to.
  1. When you receive the necklace, you would simply unscrew the lid that keeps the contents inside
  2. Next, you want to use the funnel to help guide the cremation ashes inside while you pour them
  3. Then you may want to line the lid with an adhesive like crazy glue to ensure a secure closure.  However, this step is not necessary.
  4. Last you want to put the lid back on and twist to tighten.
  5. Wear your cremation necklace with your favorite outfits.

The five steps above are how you will successfully fill stainless steel cremation jewelry pendants.

 How Many Ashes Can I Put Inside My Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry Pendant?

Cremation jewelry is made to only hold a very small amount of remains.  Generally, this means about 1-3 cubic inches worth of ashes.

You can also put a small lock of hair in these necklaces.

Shop Funeral Direct For High Quality and Unique Cremation Urns and Cremation Jewelry

As you are searching for the perfect necklace to hold your loved one's precious ashes, keep in mind the things they loved to you or what they meant to you. The most meaningful products to buy would be ones that represent this person.

We hope you this article helped you to find the best stainless steel cremation jewelry option.  We try to offer unique options that look more like regular jewelry.

Make sure to view our entire store to see all our amazing options!

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