What To Do With an Empty Cremation Urn: 5 Smart Ways You Can Reuse Decorative Cremation Urns


What To Do With an Empty Cremation Urn?

Often, people decide that the best way to get closure on something is to toss it away.  The same can be said about cremation ashes.  When we receive the cremation ashes back, initially we may want to hold on to them for safe keeping.  Over time, we may realize that we do not need a physical reminder of the person we lost.  We may decide to scatter the cremation ashes in our loved ones favorite place or bury the ashes in our backyard or at sea.  But what about the cremation urn that is left over.  Usually, people invest in urns that fit the decor in their home.  In this article what to do with an empty cremation urn.

What To Do With an Empty Cremation Urn?: 5 Unique Ways to Reuse a Cremation Urn

Reusing a cremation urn might sound weird to you, but it should not.  Especially when you realize that a cremation urn is an item that holds cremation ashes.  Because of the different urns that are created by artisans, most of which can be purchased on this site,  anything can technically be a cremation urn.

Just like most of the items we purchase in life, cremation urns can be used for a purpose other than their name.  Here are five ways you can reuse an empty cremation urn." 

1. Empty Cremation Urn Can Hold Your Loved One's Favorite Flowers

What is the difference between a cremation urn and a plant urn?  You're probably realizing that there are no significant differences.  Plant urns are typically larger than cremation urns, but there are smaller plant urns that you can buy that are the same size as a standard cremation urn.  Instead of tossing your cremation urn, how about using it to help something grow?  Use it to plant your loved one's favorite flowers. If you want to use a cremation urn as a plant urn, follow these steps:

  • Wash the cremation urn after all the ashes are removed.
  • Find a plant that you think will be suitable to fit in the urn and to grow indoors
  • Full-size cremation urns hold 200 cubic inches of cremation ashes; it will also fit the same amount of soil
  • Once everything is planted set the urn in a location that will receive adequate sunlight
  • People will admire your plant urn, not knowing that it once served the purpose of holding someone you love ashes.

2. Empty Cremation Urns Make for Great Organizers

I've been told that one of the keys to less stress in your life is organization.  Knowing where things are supposed to be, so you do not waste time looking for them.  Cremation urns are a great way to organize the clutter in your home.  Once again, what is the difference between a bowl or jar that you use to hold knick knacks and a cremation urn?  Not much.  What can you keep in an empty cremation urn? Pretty much everything, here are some examples:

  • Jewelry can be held and organized in box-shaped cremation urns 
  • Spare change and dollars being used as a small savings
  • Small wires for electronics

Those were a few items we thought of.  What is taking up space in your home that you can organize in an empty cremation urn?

3. Empty Cremation Urns Used as an Ash Tray

This one is pretty obvious.  But let's say you are smoking cigars your deceased father gave to you for your birthday one year.  A small box-shaped keepsake cremation urn can serve as a holder for the ashes.

4. Empty Cremation Urn Can Make For Decorative Piece of Art

Depending on your style, the decorative cremation urn that once held your mother's ashes can serve a decorative piece in your home.  Just like the examples above, we ask you what the difference between a decorative jar and a cremation urn is?  Nothing at all.  If you purchased decorative cremation urn like the ones we offer on this site, you would notice that it can do more than hold cremation ashes.   

5. Empty Cremation Urns Are Able To Hold Food

Ok, now we might be reaching for this one, but hear us out.  What is the difference between a cookie jar and a cremation urn?  Whose to say a cookie jar cannot be used to hold cremation ashes.  So long as the cookie jar does not say "cookies" on it, when in fact it hold cremation ashes, it is a suitable container.

What To Do With an Empty Cremation Urn In Your Home

Our point in this article is to highlight that cremation urns can serve more than one purpose.  The name we place on it "cremation" does not define that itself.  It can be used for anything.

So we ask you, would you reuse a cremation urn? If so, what would you use it for?  


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