The Best 10 Urns for Scattering Ashes at Sea


The Best 10 Urns for Scattering Ashes at Sea

Humans are hardwired to love the beach.  According to Wallace Nichols, famed marine biologist and author, there's a name for the connection between humans and the sea - it’s called “The Blue Mind”.  The ocean brings us calm and peacefulness, so it’s no wonder why humans center many celebrations near it, including birthdays, weddings, and funerals.  In this article we speak on the best urns for scattering ashes at sea.

However first, we provide some information for sea burials.

What Is a Sea Burial?

A burial at sea is when the disposal of human remains in the ocean or lake.  Generally this is done from a boat or aircraft.  Sea burials can be performed by private citizens and by the navy and Air Force.

An ocean burial may include using a casket for burial or shroud, but using an urn for scattering ashes is more common.

EPA Guidelines for Sea Burials

The Environmental Protection Agency offers guidelines for sea burials.  You must notify the EPA of a burial at sea within 30 days post.  In order to do so, you can using the Burial at Sea Reporting Tool. In addition to reporting the burial there are other guidelines that you need to follow:
  1. You must bury human remains in waters further than 3 nautical miles from the shore
  2. Only human remains can be buried at sea.
  3. You can only use biodegradable materials during the burial.
If any of these are an issue, you can always fill out the EPA’s special request form.

Top 10 Urns for Scattering Ashes at Sea

There are three things to look for when choosing an urn for scattering ashes at sea.
  1. Biodegradable materials
  2. Amount of time spent on surface
  3. Size

To ensure that EPA guidelines are followed,  any urn used during an ocean burial must be biodegradable.

Generally you want an urn to stay on the surface of the water for a while before gently floating down to the ocean floor.  All of the sea burial urns below remain on the surface of the water for up to 4 hours (depending on tides) before gently sinking to the ocean floor.

Size is important because it dictates how much ashes can fit.  If you are sharing ashes, then you would look for a keepsake size burial urn.  However, if you plan on pouring all ashes in, then you want a full sized urn.  Lastly if you are burying two people together, you want to purchase a companion urn.

Below are our best selling urns for scatting ashes.

10) Biodegradable Shell Urn

Taking inspiration from beautiful seashells that wash onto the beach, our Biodegradable shell urn makes a memorial sea burial.  

These urns are made by hand with the 240 cubic inches of cremation ashes sitting inside like a pearl.


9) Sand Dollar Biodegradable Urn

This full size urn as an imprint of a starfish on the top.  Apart of our serenity collection of burial urns.  

8) Biodegradable Pillow Urn

An affordable was to have an ocean burial.  Simple yet elegant.

7) Himalayan Rock Salt Urn

Individually handmade using salt that is 250 million years old.

6) Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urn

Another simple affordable option that offers many different color ways.  Again this fits the full remains of an adult.

5) Dolphin Biodegradable Urn

Known as one of the smartest animals in the sea, our dolphin biodegradable urn is a best seller.

4) Footprints In The Sand Cremation Urn

A staff favorite here at the Funeral Direct head quarters.  This urn is made with actual sand.  This urn also comes in non biodegradable options.

3) Purple Water Pillow Burial Urn

Simple and affordable.

2) Laguna Biodegradable Urn for Sea Burial

Coming in multiple size options, this urn is inspired by a flower floating in the ocean.

1) Biodegradable Turtle Urn

This turtle urn is quite possibly the most unique urn offering that we have on our web store.  Coming in mini and full-size, this is a beautiful urn to send off a loved one.


Shop All Urns for Scattering Ashes at Sea

It is important is follow the EPA guidelines when planning a burial at sea.  By simply following the EPA requirements you will be able to have a beautiful funeral for your loved one.

Shop to find the best urns for scattering ashes.  Each one of our ocean burial urns will float for up to 4 hours and gently sink to the sea floor.  

We have options for those who want keepsake, full-size, and adult sized urns. With same day shipping, your urn will get to you in enough time to have for your celebration of life.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to visit our live chat at


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