Cremation Urns for Ashes Amazon Has! "Top 20 Purchased Cremation Urns"


Cremation Urns for Ashes Amazon "Top 20 Purchased Cremation Urns"

Urns for ashes Amazon.  Amazon is a favored retailer of multiple items.  People use it for hair products, furniture, and even groceries.  However, did you know that they have a decent selection of cremation urns as well?  In this post, we found twenty of the top purchased cremation urns for ashes Amazon sells.  Before we get to them, here are some tips you should keep in mind when shopping for a cremation urn. 

Our Tips To Help You Purchase The Best Cremation Urn for Ashes

Buying a cremation is pretty simple.  You want to find one that represents your loved one.  This could be by finding an urn that is in their:

  • favorite color
  • has images of their favorite sports teams or hobbies, or
  • looks like a piece of art or decor that they loved to have displayed in their home
    There are dozens of cremation urns available and can be found on multiple sites, but by thinking about who your loved one was, will help you find the best cremation urn for them.

Below are twenty cremation urns for ashes Amazon sells that are the most purchased.  Which one represents whom you lost?

Cremation urns are used to hold the ashes of those you love.  They come in different colors, styles, and shapes.  Gone are the days when people purchase regular basic urns.  

If you do not see anything on this list that stands out, keep reading to the end where highlight some unique cremation urns found on this site!

20. Pink Garden Tealight Urn

This tealight urn for ashes Amazon sell is perfect to sit on a counter or desk.  It is a keepsake meaning it is meant to hold a small amount of cremation remains.

urns for ashes Amazon

19. Vienna Cremation Urn

This sophistication cremation urn is made of silver finish and has gold etching across it.  It is a beautiful urn to hold cremains.

urns for ashes Amazon


18. Cremation Urn With Keepsake

This basic cremation urn also comes with a small keepsake urn.  Keepsake cremation urns are great for sharing.

urns for ashes Amazon

17.Mountain/Rock Funeral Urn

This mountain rock funeral urn is our favorite cremation urn on the list.  Why? Well, it is discreet and looks great in the home.

urns for ashes Amazon

16. Tree of Life Cremation Urn

The tree of life cremation urn is another urn that blends in seamlessly into your home with people knowing it holds cremation ashes. 

urns for ashes Amazon


15. Cultured Marble Cremation Urn

Marble urns are beautiful, that this one is no different.  Image this in your living room or bedroom

urns for ashes Amazon

14. Serenade Hand Blown Glass Urn for Ashes

Hand blown glass always has a unique look.  When it is used to hold cremation ashes, it is a classic.

urns for ashes Amazon

13. Eagle Adult Urn For Human Ashes

This eagle sculpture cremation urn looks like a regular statue.  No one would know that cremation ashes are inside.  Perfect for those who loved to bird watch as a hobby.

urns for ashes Amazon

12. Marble Cremation Urn Box

Another marble beauty that can be placed on a nightstand or a table and add to the look of your home

urns for ashes Amazon

11. Unique Funeral Urn with Raised Floral Pattern

The raised floral pattern gives this cremation urn a different type of look

urns for ashes Amazon

10. Flower Funeral Urn for Human Ashes

Who does not love flowers?  These look great on this cremation urn

urns for ashes Amazon

9. Moon Globe Style Cremation Urn

This globe style cremation urn definitely looks nothing like anything on this list.  

urns for ashes Amazon

8. Keepsake Tear Drop Cremation Urn for Human or Pet Ashes

There is no difference between human cremation ashes and those of a pet.  A pet's cremation ashes are suitable for any urn on this list.  This particular one is in a teardrop, that looks great as a corner piece.

urns for ashes Amazon

7. Egg Floral Black /Gold Cremation Urn

Another unique shape in a classic black and gold colorway.  This floral urn stands out.

urns for ashes Amazon

6. Silver-Nickel Funeral Urn

Looking quickly this funeral urn resembles fine China.

urns for ashes Amazon

5. Navy Cultured Marble

Another one of our favorites.  The navy marble really makes this cremation urn stand out.

urns for ashes Amazon

4. Wings of Love Elegant Adult Cremation Urn For Human Ashes

A classic cremation urn and also on Amazon's choice.

urns for ashes Amazon

3. Handcrafted Tree of Life

This handmade urn is perfect for nature lovers.

urns for ashes Amazon

2. Honor Your Beloved One With This Magnificent Wood Urn They Deserve

A basic wood urn that looks great over a fireplace.

urns for ashes Amazon

1. Alpine Green Marble Memorial Urn

Another marble favorite.  Absolutely no one will know that this piece hold precious cremation ashes inside.

urns for ashes Amazon

Finding Unique Cremation Urns

Did you like any of the cremation urns for ashes Amazon has?  If you did not, you might be looking for a cremation urn that is more special.  

Here at we have cremation urns that you will love.  Families shop our high-quality products because they look amazing in any room in their home. 

Here are the cremation urns that families love, what are your thoughts?

Which one of these cremation urns stood out to you?  If you did not see any that you like, make sure to explore more of our cremation urn collection.
And just for reading this blog post when you are ready to purchase, use our coupon code "FuneralDirectUrn" at checkout for 10% off any cremation urn!


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