These Are The Best Golf Cremation Urns to Hold Your Loved One's Ashes.


Our Best Selling Golf Cremation Urns for Ashes

When it comes to sports themed urns for ashes, golf cremation urns rank at the top as the most popular pick.


There is something peaceful about spending time on the golf course, and if you are reading this article you have a loved one who enjoyed their morning and afternoons making their way along the green.


In this article, we rank our best-selling golf cremation urns.  We offer free shipping on each urn.  See a golf urn that you like?  Click "View Details" to see the product details.

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4 Best Selling Golf Cremation Urns

Which one of these golf urns can you see holding your loved one's ashes?

Handpainted Golf Urn

This cremation urn has the silhouette of a golfer on it.  This urn is hand painted making each one an original.  This urn fits 200 cubic inches of ashes.

Blue Alloy Golf Urn

This simple alloy cremation urn holds the full amount of cremation ashes.

Memorial Golfer Photo Cube Urn

This photo urn comes with the photo of a golfer, but feel free to swap it to any picture of your loved one that you have!  You can also place cremains in this urn discreetly.

Golf Ball Cremation Urn

Our golf ball urn is our top selling golf urn available.  Keep the ashes in this replica golf ball.  Comes in keepsake and full-size!

Cremation Urn Size Guide

Generally, you will receive 220 cubic inches of cremation ashes back from an adult who is cremated.  This means that a full-size, or adult size, cremation urn will be able to hold the ashes.

Most people decide to share the ashes with friends and family or to legally scatter and bury some of the ashes.  If you plan on doing that you should look into getting a golf keepsake urn.

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