A Guide to Choosing the Right Companion Biodegradable Urn

Companion Biodegradable Urn: Keeping Loved Ones Close Forever

It is common for a spouse or partner to share the same burial plot, however, with the rise and acceptance of cremation many families are opting to use companion urns to hold the ashes of those who want to be together to eternity.  Companion urns are a great choice to keep your parents, siblings, pets, or anyone who was inseparable together.  While most people use companion urns to hold the ashes in the home, the rise in companion biodegradable urns is increasing for sea and earth burials.

In this article, we provide an overview of companion urns, provide a size guide, and give you popular options for biodegradable companion urns.

What is a Companion Urn?

A companion urn is a cremation urn that holds cremation ashes of more than one person.  Companion urns, also called couples urns, are perfect to hold the remains of parents, spouses, siblings, or parents and children.

Companion urns hold 400 cubic inches of ashes (1 lb. or bodyweight = 1 cubic inches of ashes)


What Size Do I Need for a Companion Biodegradable Urn?

It is easy to figure out what size you need for a companion biodegradable urn.

Take the bodyweight of the individual (pre-cremation) and convert it to cubic inches.  For example, a 200lb man and a 140lb woman would be 200 and 140 cubic inches respectfully.  You will need at least a 340 cubic inch biodegradable companion urn.

EPA Rules for Biodegradable Urns

According to the EPA, cremated remains are required to be buried in ocean waters of any depth provided that it is at least 3 nautical miles from land

You also must notify the EPA of the sea burial within 30 days post-funeral. You can report to them using the Burial at Sea Reporting Tool.  The Burial at Sea Reporting Tool enables individuals or companies that have conducted a burial at sea to enter information into a simple online form and report the burial directly to EPA.

For information about the Burial at Sea Reporting Tool, please see the Burial at Sea Reporting Tool Fact Sheet.

Please note that you do not need to submit documentation, such as a Certificate of Death, to EPA when reporting a burial at sea.

To report a burial of human remains by other means, please contact the EPA Region where the vessel carrying the remains departed. To identify the appropriate EPA Regional contact, please see EPA's Regional Offices Contact List.

Popular Companion Biodegradable Urns

Below are some of the most popular companion biodegradable urns.  Each one of these urns will float for up to 4 hours when placed in the ocean and gently sink.

These urns can be buried at sea or in the earth.


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