Affordable & Cheap Cremation Urns for Adults under $50


Cheap Cremation Urns for Adults

If you are looking for affordable or cheap cremation urns for adults than look no further.  

Cremation urns are containers that hold cremated remains.  They have unique designs or shapes that represent the person that passed away.

Although many people decide to scatter some of the ashes, people do like to hold some of the cremation ashes in the home as a memorial.

We all know that funeral prices are high, and most people what an affordable container to hold the remains of the person that they love.

In this post we highlight our customers top picks for cremation urns under $50, but first, we break down the different sizes to expect when looking to purchase a cremation urn.

Cremation Urn Sizes

Cremation urns come in different sizes.  These are:

  1. keepsake
  2. medium
  3. full-size (adult)

Keepsake urns hold the smallest amount of cremation ashes.  These are for people who are sharing the cremation ashes with other family or want to keep some of the ashes after scattering or an Earth or ocean burial.

Medium urns typically hold the remains of children up to 90lbs.

Adult size or full-size cremation urns hold the full amount of cremation ashes that you will get from an adult (220 cu in). 

Cremation Urn Prices

Cremation urns vary in price.  This is because of the material, size, shape, and other design cues dictate the cost of the urn.

On average, cremation urns cost $50-$200.  However, there are many high-quality options you can find below $50.

Below we show you which cremation urns are customers are purchasing that are under $50.

Cheap Cremation Urns for Adults under $50

At we have an extensive collection of cremation urns at different prices and designs.

Below are affordable options under $50.

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Love the urns you see above, but also want to see other price ranges?  

View all the cremation urns we carry at, and if you need help finding the ideal urn for you and your family we can help.

Message us in our live chat to the right, and we will help you find the perfect urn to display in your home!


  • rick scott

    I’m looking for a set of 4 medium adult urns, holding approximately holding 4 equal parts of ashes for a 240 pound man

  • enhaneupt


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