15 Artistic Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

Display Artistic Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes In Your Home

People have been debating for years on which animal is the better pet.  Dogs or cats.  Whichever your choice is, both pets make for amazing companions.  In this post, we discuss some options for those who have cats.  In ancient Eygpt royalty was buried with their prized possessions.  More often than not, their possession included their cats.  While we do not advocate for burying live animals, there are ways to still align your love for felines after death. In this article, we selected the best cat shaped urns for human ashes that are perfect to be displayed in any room in your home.  

1. Calico Curious Cat Shaped Urn

This is one of a unique cat shaped urns for human ashes. The brown calico is handmade with a metallic luster finish.  As you can see, the cat's face is carved into the cremation urn. The opening for this cat shaped urn at the bottom.  This cat urn holds up to 40 cubic inches.  Will fit all the ashes of a cat or person weighing 40 pounds.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes


2. Angel Cat Shaped Urn

Sculptured to show an angelic sleeping cat.  Free engraving of this cat shaped urns for human ashes.  Holds the ashes of a 30-pound pet.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes


3. Handpainted Cat Sleeping in Basket Urn

One of the best hand painted cat shaped urns for human ashes we have seen features a cat sleeping in a basket.  Notice the realistic detail on the ears, paws, and back of the cat. This urn holds 25 cubic inches of cremation ashes.  

 Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

4. Sitting Cat Shaped Cremation Urn

Perfect for a pet weighing up to 15 pounds, this cat shaped urn for human ashes comes 3 distinct finishes.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

5. "Pretty Kitty" Brass Cat Shaped Cremation Urn

Designed in solid brass this cat shaped urns for human ashes is unique in style and color.  A pearlescent enamel is applied by hand to each of these urns.  Due to this, the color of the cremation urn will vary from soft white to bright white like a pearl found in nature.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes 

6. 9.5" Egyptian Bastet Goddess Cat Shaped Cremation Urn

Bastet is an Egyptian Cat Goddess.  She protects women, children, cats, and anyone who cares for them.  Bastet is also associated with sunrise, music, dance, family, pleasure, fertility and birth! i

As you can see, this is not your average cremation urn.  Drawing inspiration from ancient Egypt this cat shaped urn is a beautiful centerpiece to a room.  With plenty of room to hold human ashes, this might be of one of most unique cat shaped urns for human ashes.  

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes


7. Precious Kitty Brass Pet Cremation Urn for Cat

Hold ashes in the brass kitty cremation urn.  

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes 

8. Cat Shaped Urn for Pet Ashes

This cremation urn, crafted in the shape of a cat, is designed to hold your pet close to you.  When placed in your home, it will look like an ornament rather than a common cremation urn.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

9. Cat Cremation Memorial Urn Statue Figurine

Featuring a key lock opening with antique brass finishing this cremation urn fits your decor and keeps ashes safe. 

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

10. Crouching Cat Shaped Urn

In the shape of a sleep black cat that is ready to pounce, this cremation urn highlights our cat's mischievous nature

 Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

11. Egyptian Cat Memorial Urn

Another nod to ancient Egypt, this cremation urn features a cat statue above it.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

12. Pet Urn for Cat with Photo

Your favorite cat remembered forever with this urn with a picture frame.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

13. Short Hair Cat Figurine Cremation Urn

Handpainted and crafted from cold cast resin, this urn is the perfect way to honor your short hair cat.

 Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

14. Faithful Feline Pet Cremation Urn with Wood Base and Custom Engraved Name Plaque

Classic cat shaped urn with space for engraving.  What's better than that?


Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes


15. Reclining Cat Shaped Cremation Urn

Relaxing and reclining.

Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes


Shop Cat Shaped Urns for Human Ashes

If none of these urns stood out to you, take a look at the other cremation urns we offer.  You will find a large selection of cremation urns that fit your style and decor.



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