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35 of The Best Reviewed Brass Funeral Urn On Amazon

by Armani Goens |

Best Reveived Brass Funeral Urn On Amazon

If someone mentions that they are shopping for a cremation urn, you will probably think about a brass funeral urn like the ones below.  While modern funeral urns are now shaped in different designs, a classic brass funeral urn a subtle beauty to it.  Below we found the best-reviewed brass funeral urns on Amazon.  These urns all received 4 or more starts and positive reviews.  To learn more about a particular funeral urn, simply click the title.  

1. Wings of Freedom" Funeral Urn

The Wings of Freedom funeral urn is handmade and has doves engraved on the front and back of it.

Brass Funeral Urn

2. Flag Funeral Urn

Display your patriotism with this brass funeral urn featured right here in this store!

brass funeral urn

3. Love of Christ Keepsake Funeral Urn

This keepsake brass funeral urn features a cross and ideal to give to a family member

brass funeral urn


4. Butterfly Bronze Funeral Urn

Beautiful blue butterflies grace this urn


5. Mother of Pearl Funeral Urn

Designed with a praying angel makes for a beautiful piece in the home

brass funeral urn

6. Funeral Urn by Liliane

Designed with flowers 

brass funeral urn

7. Athens Blue Adult Cremation Urn

Classic design

brass funeral urn

8. Wooden Funeral Urn with a solid brass cross and Engraved plaque

Wooden urn with a beautiful cross.

9. Red Enamel with Silver Flower

Silver flower detail


10. Elite Mother of Pearl Cremation Urn

Classic Mother of pearl

11. Majestic Radiance

Black and gold elegance

12. White with Flowers

Engraved white urn with flowers


13. Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

Basic black and silver

14. Lavender Bloom Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

Sweet lavender

15. Silver funeral urn by Liliane Memorials

Elegant silver with a gold highlight

16. Keepsake for ashes Brass Cremation Urn

Keepsake urn with doves 

17. Red Funeral Urn by Liliane Memorials

Classic red and gold

18. White and Gold Flower Funeral Urn

Gold Floral design on a white urn


19. Keepsake brass funeral tokens (set of 5)

Set of five keepsake urns to share


20. Embossed Sunflower Blue Cremation Urn

Silver sunflowers on a blue urn


21. Crimson Marble HEART Cremation Keepsake Urn

Beautiful crimson heart


22.  Exquisite Funeral Urn Etched with Gold Flowers

Gold flower with a green urn


23. Silver Funeral Urn

Flowers in silver


24. Platinum Elegance Urn for Ashes



25. Solid Brass Funeral Cremation Urn

Shiny way to hold cremation ashes.


26. Hephaestus Adult Cremation Urn

Design that will stand out.


27. Black and Gold Funeral Urns W/keepsake

Black and gold is always a classic mix.


28. Gold Tree of Life and Green

Tree of life


29. Shamrock Cremation Urn

Good luck charm


30. Iridescent Mosaic Cracked Glass Brass Metal Funeral Cremation Urn

Beautiful colors and design


31. Brown Funeral Urn

Simple yet powerful

32. Baroque Pearl Brass Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

Pearls are a woman's best friend


33. Fishing Cremation Urn

Gone Fishin'



34. Elite Onyx II Brass Cremation Urn

Another black and gold classic

brass funeral urn



35. Blue Funeral Urn 

Aesthetically pleasing.

 brass funeral urn

Shop Other Brass Funeral Urns at Funeral Direct

Didn't see a brass funeral urn that caught your eye? Make sure to check out the other funeral urns that we offer.  From turtle shaped funeral urns to stunning handmade wood designs.  All of our funeral urns blend in seamlessly in every room in your home.  Click here to view all the cremation urns we have!

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