Where Can I Buy a Burial Shroud For a Natural Burial?


Where Can I Buy a Burial Shroud Online For a Natural Burial?

Burial shrouds are used during burial rituals.  It is known as the first funeral product used by man.  Older civilizations shrouded deceased bodies in animal skin.  In recent times it is an alternative to a casket that is simpler and more affordable.  In this product post, we answer the question, "where can I buy a burial shroud online.  However first, here is the purpose of a burial shroud.

What Is The Purpose of a Burial Shroud?

Many cultures and religions around the word use shrouds during their burial rituals.  This includes popular religions such as:

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism

The purpose of a burial shroud is to cover the deceased during the funeral service and burial.  Using a burial shroud consumes a minimum of materials while still properly honoring the deceased.

Our burial shrouds are suitable for both cremation services and burials

What Does a Burial Shroud Look Like?

A shroud is a long cloth that wraps around the body.  It is made from cotton, linen, or bamboo.  The image below features our bamboo burial shroud in our willow carrier. 

Where Can I Buy a Burial Shroud

Can I Shroud a Body Myself?

Yes, if you decide to purchase a burial shroud, you can easily shroud the body in 10 steps.


Burial Shrouds for Sale: Where Can I Buy a Burial Shroud?

You can purchase a burial shroud at a church or make one at home. 

However, if you want to buy one online, you can purchase it below!

Our bamboo burial shroud comes in two sizes: large (112” L x 73”W) and extra large (118” L x 78”W).  You will notice in the options above that our bamboo burial shroud has two options: with handles or without handles.  



Bamboo Burial Shroud With Handles

  • handles make this burial shroud easy to carry
  • features a sewn-in pouch where a rigid board can be inserted to provide support for the body
  • can be used with our  Willow Carrier if you want a simple casket
  • suitable for a burial or cremation
  • fits a body up to 300 pounds
  • Free shipping to a home residence or funeral home

Bamboo Burial Shroud Without Handles

  • Decorative ribbons take the place of the handles.   
  • This shroud must be used with Willow Carrier or Willow Casket. 
  • suitable for a burial or cremation
  • fits a body up to 300 pounds
  • Free shipping to a home residence or funeral home


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