The Biotree Urn


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Biotree Urn

The Biotree Urn is the best option for families wanting to be a tree after life.

The urn features a premium, contemporary design. It stands apart from the competition by offering a more modern solution to become a tree. The urn stays intact for several weeks after planting a tree inside, providing a visual memorial for families to keep in their homes before planting in the earth.

This urn is the perfect companion to another permanent urn, allowing families to take a portion of remains from which to grow a tree, while keeping a portion permanently. Or, families can elect to split remains into multiple Biotree Urns and plant multiple trees.

The Biotree Urn uses a coco peat disk to treat the pH of cremated remains, allowing healthy tree growth. It also includes an industry-first geotag, allwoing families to mark their burial spot online and write tributes. Detailed instructions for planting and geotagging are included with each urn.

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