Sunflower Urn Necklace


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Sunflower Urn Necklace

The sunflower is a symbolism of loyalty, adoration, and longevity.  They are known as "happy" flowers which make our sunflower urn necklace the perfect way to hold the ashes of someone who would brighten your day.  This cremation necklace features a shiny crystal at the center and along the sides.

  • sunflower cremation necklace
  • features a sunflower as the pendant that holds the cremation ashes
  • comes in 3 colors: silver, rose gold, and gold
  • holds 1-3 cubic inches of ashes
  • stainless steel cremation necklace
  • purchase includes funnel

* This necklace is handmade to order, please allow 2-3 weeks processing time.

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