Rectangular Thumbprint Memorial Necklace


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Rectangular Thumbprint Necklace

- Pendant size: approx. 1/2" x 7/8" (14x21mm)
- Pendant gauge: 1/16" / 1.5mm
- Medium link chain, lobster clasp closure
- Word limit: 5-7 words

This silver thumbprint necklace is made of  .925  Sterling Silver, giving it it's stunning shine.  People love wearing this memorial necklace as a way to honor the loss of a loved one.  Using an ink print of a fingerprint, and a short phrase on the back, you can hold your loved one close in spirit.  This is a unisex memorial necklace.  If you would like a thinner chain simply request it during checkout.

Personalization Instructions:
- Fingerprint ink prints are usually taken when someone is in military or civil service, hospital, hospice care or while at a funeral home. You could look into one's paperwork or contact these places to ask for the fingerprint image.

- Please fingerprint to after your purchase.

- You could add a short message on the back with the default font displayed. Word limits:: 5-7 words. 

Shipping Time: 2 weeks

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