Personalized Handwriting Necklace


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Personalized Handwriting Necklace

Nothing is more personal than one's handwriting, and that is what makes this personalized handwriting necklace so unique.

These personalized name necklaces use images of your or someone you care about's handwriting as the font for the pendant.

It is simple, if you are buying this necklace as a gift for yourself, write down what word(s) you want it to say.  But if you are using this item as a memorial piece, you can get even more personal by finding a letter from your mom, dad, sibling, friend, or grandparent and tell us which word(s) to extract for the necklace.

  • Perfect gift for yourself or for someone else
  • Take an image of someone's handwriting and we turn it into high-quality jewelry
  • Endless possibilities for customization
  • Available in .925 Sterling silver and 18k yellow and rose gold plated silver
  • Cable chain with lobster clasp closure
  • 3 sizes: Dainty, Medium, Large
  • Handmade and shipping in 8-10 days
  • Free Shipping! 

*Handwriting in any other languages (Arabic, Chinese etc.) can also be done.

Personalized Handwriting Necklace Sizes & Dimensions


  • Word limit: 1-3 words
  • Pendant size: approx. 3/4" in width
  • Text gauge: 1/16" / 1.5mm


  • Word limit: 3-5 words
  • Pendant size: approx. 1.5" in width
  • Text gauge: 1/16" / 1.5mm


  • Word limit: 5-7 words
  • Pendant size: approx. 2" in width
  • Text gauge: 1/16" / 1.5mm


Personalization Instructions:

We can use an image you have, including old cards or letters.

After your purchase, please email the image to

- DAINTY: Words will run in 1 lines. Word limits: 3 words.

- MEDIUMWord limits 5 words.

- LARGE:  Words can run in 1 -3 lines depending on the length and your specifications. Unless specified, we will adjust based on our experience of what will look and wear best. Word limits: 7 words.

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