Teardrop Fingerprint Necklace


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Teardrop Fingerprint Necklace

Cherish your loved one's memory with our teardrop fingerprint necklace.  This is a beautiful keepsake in both design and meaning. 

Add a charm with your loved ones birth month for added personalization

Features of the Teardrop fingerprint necklace 

  • handmade from .925 sterling silver
  • the fingerprint is engraved in a teardrop design
  • add your loved one's birthstone
  • lobster clasp
  • comes in three finishing colors
  • Free one-word engraving on the back of the necklace
  • Free birthstone
  • Free shipping

Personalization Instructions

  1. Use your loved one's fingerprint to engrave this necklace.  No kit required all we need is a photo of the ink print.
  2. Most funeral homes and hospitals take fingerprints.  If you loved one was in the military or civil service they will also have had their fingerprints taken.
  3. Upon purchase please send an image of the fingerprint to sales@funeraldirect.shop.
  4. In the order details box please put the one word you would like us to engrave on the back of the necklace.
  5. Also, if you select the birthstone charm, please place the birth month in the order details box.

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