These are the best selling cremation urn pendants in Canada!

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Cremation Urn Pendants Canada Funeral Homes Don't Sell

Cremation urn pendants are special types of jewelry that are hallowed out to hold the remains of a loved one or pet.  These pendants general hold between 1-3 cubic inches of ashes and blend seamlessly with your other jewelry options.  In this post, we will be showing our best selling cremation urn pendants Canada families seem to love most.  Want to learn more about an urn pendant on this list? Click the button to view more details, add to cart, and purchase.

Best Selling Cremation Jewelry Canada

Below are our popular stainless steel cremation pendants.  Which one reminds you of your loved one?
The above cremation necklaces are just a fraction of our cremation jewelry collection.  Want to see more?  Visit our homepage!

Why Buy Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation has overtaken burials as the most popular way to handle human and pet remains. When someone is cremated, you will receive back ashes.  There are multiple things you can do with cremation ashes, the most popular are: While these three options are popular ways to handle remains, only jewelry allows you to constantly keep a small reminder of your loved one around you.

Average Price for Cremation Urn Pendants in Canada

The prices for cremation jewelry varies on the material.  The most popular and most affordable is stainless steel.  Stainless steel cremation jewelry is suitable to be worn every day.  Expect to pay between $20-$35 for this option. Sterling silver cremation jewelry is a bit more expensive, ranging from $50-$100. 14k gold cremation urn pendants are the most expensive option.  These pendants range from $350-$3000

Shopping for Cremation Urn Pendants Canada at Funeral Direct

At Funeral Direct, we specialize is selling very high quality and unique cremation jewelry options for families.  You will find that we only have options that are as unique as the people that passed away. We provide fast shipping worldwide! Are you looking for the best urn pendant for your loved one's ashes?  Visit our homepage to browse all that we have to offer!  Have any questions?  Reach out to us using the button on the bottom right of your screen!

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  • Debra

    Hello. My Godchild/niece just recently lost both of her parents 13 days apart. I wanted to get an urn pendant and not sure what to get. Do I purchase two pendants or would you put both ashes in the one pendant?
    Thank you

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