The Cremation Urn Necklace Walmart Refuses to Sell

The Urn Necklace Walmart

Below we list the popular urn necklace Walmart does not sell in stores or online. Each one is capable of holding 1-3 cubic inches of ashes and suitable for human and pet ashes. Why aren't they found on Walmart?  Well, we will dive into that later on in the article, for now, check out our cremation jewelry options below!
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Average Cost of Cremation Urn Necklaces

The price of cremation jewelry depends mainly depends on what type of material it is made from.  Popular options are:
  • stainless steel cremation necklaces
  • sterling silver urn necklaces
  • 14k solid gold cremation necklaces.
Stainless steel urn pendants are the most affordable of the three, ranging between $20-40. Sterling silver cremation necklaces retail between $50-$150 14k solid gold cremation jewelry can be found between $300-$2000

How-To Fill Cremation Necklaces

  1. open the cremation necklace using your hands or a small coin
  2. use the funnel included with your purchase to help guide the remains into the necklace
  3. place an adhesive on the lid to ensure a more secure fit. (this step is not necessary)
  4. place the lid back on the cremation necklace and tighten.

How Many Ashes fit In Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation urn necklaces are known as keepsake jewelry.  These keepsake necklaces are made to hold a very small amount of your loved one or pet's remains. Typically you will be able to fit 1-3 cubic inches of ashes inside one of these cremation necklaces

Walmart Cremation Jewelry

When it comes to buying cremation urn jewelry at big retailers, you will always be able to find the common options.  But what if you are looking for something a little more unique?  Something that is not offered everywhere?  Something that reminds of who your loved one was. That is a common issue when purchasing items such as cremation jewelry from Walmart.  However, they are not alone Amazon cremation necklaces also tend to lack unique options.
There are benefits to the urn necklace Walmart does offer their website.  Walmart's cremation jewelry is incredibly cheap.  They have urn necklace options that start as low as $9.
If you are on a budget or simply looking for the cheapest cremation necklace that you can find, you should definitely check out what urn necklace Walmart offers!

Funeral Direct.  Leading Provider of Urns for Ashes and Cremation Jewelry

At Funeral Direct, we have a large collection of affordable and high-quality cremation jewelry. You will be able to wear these necklaces every day as the constant reminder of the person you lost. Which one of the necklaces above stood out to you?  Make sure view more about each one to learn why it is so special. For more information or to see all of our cremation jewelry options, visit our homepage!

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